Press Visit: Kua ‘Aina new menu launch

This was a free event reviewed by our first guest blogger!

My first time at this Hawaiian themed eatery and it was nice to finally see what was inside this intriguing looking place. Situated near Goodge Street and in amongst a big old mix of food places for the Fitzrovia workers – it has a lot of competition.

What I learnt:

They focus on sustainability, take real pride in what they serve and have a secret seasoning (that is so popular with customers – they sometimes pinch the dispensers from the table!). They also serve breakfasts and are open from 8am. And have created a Christmas burger for Christmas party bookings.

And, saving the best for last…. They have an extra special lava grill (with lava rocks) and it really gives that lovely authentic grill flavour. It is very very hot and cannot be controlled like normal grills so the chefs have really gotta pay attention to what they are doing – and I was very careful not to drop my phone or lose eyebrows taking my grill pic.

What I tasted:

Breaded prawns – interesting addition of coconut to the crumb – a nice crunch and juicy big prawns.

Mahi fish fingers – felt like the thing I would most likely eat in Hawaii- a good meaty white fish served in small fillets and with a delish homemade tartar sauce.

The avocado burger – fab to have some decent quality avocado: scooped out in its entirety – no guac or mix for this burger – apparently Obama’s favourite. The burgers are always served medium rare and are the better for it tasting just right with a nice seeded bun and fresh tomato and lettuce – I personally would remove the massive amount of grilled onion as it doesn’t need to be there for me – but I’m sure others are happy to keep.

 Pancakes – nice and fluffy and a great portion – really nice crispy bacon and sweet sweet maple syrup or blueberry and banana – tasted decent but my least favourite thing I tried unfortunately – as they needed real sweetening to be nice.

Sampled both the coconut and mince pie shakes – both with a nice vanilla strength and a lovely sweetness – saying a lot as I don’t really like mince pies but thankfully it was subtle enough in this mix as to be quite nice.

And a mocktail – pina colada (as mixed at the special tiki style bar) very sweet and creamy – which was no surprise as it contains a lot of cream (the barman had to say the word at least 3 times when describing the ingredients).

So would I advise you to say aloha? It is well situated – with lively decor and friendly chatty staff and a good mix of nice food – fun.

And my top recommendation would be their beat the clock special which will get you a £4 burger at 4pm or £5 burger at 5pm.

Kua ‘Aina
40 Goodge Street,


 W1T 2QP
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