Upper Fleet Bakery

I’m always looking for great places to grab some lunch. Enter Upper Fleet Bakery (possibly Fleet Kitchen, it’s really unclear to me; it’s Fleet Kitchen on the website, but the big neon sign outside says Upper Fleet Bakery). I found out about this great place when meeting a friend for lunch, and he suggested it. Honestly, I had seen it in passing, but I had never really checked it out. I’m so glad I have now.

It’s quite a simple venue: full of wooden tables. You order at the counter, and they’ll get your food for you. You find a seat and eat. They’re open for breakfast and lunch (but I’ve only been here for lunch). The menu rotates, but it usually consists of a daily soup, quiche, frittata and toastie, as well a special hot meal. They can all come with a selection of rotating daily salads. I’m a huge fan of quiche, so that’s usually my go-to order, but sometimes the frittata sounds more interesting and once they had a croque monsieur I just had to have. On my first visit, I opted for the vegetarian pasty. The staff are usually quite helpful (although some a lot less than others), and the quality of food always brings me back.

They also have an amazing selection of cakes and baked goods. They smartly put them next to the cash register in order to tempt you into getting something on your way out. I’m pleased to say that I have great willpower and very rarely get something sweet. (That’s a lie, it’s probably more like 50/50). In fact, the first day I went, they had a millionaire shortbread that screamed out to me as it looked so scrumptious sitting there. It’s probably the best millionaire shortbread I’ve ever had. But the cakes and baked goods appear on a rotating basis as well, so I’ve attempted to satisfy myself with other goodies like pecan pie slices, coconut and lemon bars, popcorn cookies and brookies (brownie/cookie hybrids).

Of course, they also have a selection of coffees and teas for you to drink if you choose. They do a fantastic fresh mint tea, but they also have a good selection of other teas and tisanes. If you’re more interested in coffee, they serve up All-Press Coffee for you to enjoy.

I usually get things for takeaway when I’m on my own, and the price is slightly cheaper if that’s what you plan on doing. Also they offer a 10% UCL discount, that I am only just taking advantage of after eating here for about four months as I only recently found out about it.

Upper Fleet Bakery/Fleet Kitchen
7-11 Upper Woburn Place, WC1H 0JW

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  1. yeegan says:

    Are you sure it’s 50/50? LOL


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