The Boozy Bunch do Boozy Brunch part 1: One Canada Square

So technically this is not part 1, but to explain that I probably have to tell you how this blog came about, and where we got our name from. Around a year ago a group of friends with a mutual love of the unlimited decided that rather than plan infinity brunches around occasions as we had been doing we should make it a regular thing and so the boozy brunch bunch was formed. Many, many brunches later and there are still brunches in London left to try and so this group is still going strong. In fact some have been so good that we want to go back but just when we think we have gotten near the bottom of the list new places pop up.
So the group grew, and the what’s app group that we use to plan the brunches began to regularly exceed 100 messages an hour. And still we kept boozy brunching. Then one day the wonderful Andrew suggested we start a blog together, and so despite some of us being total blog newbs while others are very experienced regulars we took the leap and the rest is (very recent) history – or it would be except that I haven’t quite finished telling you about our name. Boozy brunch bunch blog was far too long, and although I am a great lover of the letter B even I concede that it would have been too much. But then we were faced with a dilemma as not every one of our bunch is boozy, in fact we have teetotallers amongst our contributors, and not every one of our meals is brunch (some of us even brunch without booze and others booze without brunch). We settled on the boozy bunch as we liked it, and it’s mostly true most of the time! We hope that you like it too? But in order to honour our roots herein starts the tradition of the boozy bunch brunch blogging, we endeavour to blog every infinity brunch and will try to do it as a multi author post so that you get the most authentic bbbb experience. We may even go back and review some of our past brunch highlights if you are lucky, but then the numbering may get even more confusing!

One Canada square was the location for our one year anniversary/blog launch brunch. I will leave the gents to talk about the booze, as you can see from the menu the drink was unlimited but the food had a limit on this brunch.

Grant says: Don’t forget about the amazing piano player/singer! He played an endless supply of light hits for us to sing along to! It really added a lot to the atmosphere and the enjoyment of the venue. Also the drinks were pretty great. I started with a Bloody Mary, and while not the best one I’ve had in London, it definitely had a good kick to it and was a great way to start out the unlimited booze.

We all opted for 3 courses and all but one opted for the soft shell crab benedict with jalapeño hollandaise. This was different to soft shell crab that I have had before, it was a much heavier batter, not tempura like at all, someone commented that it looked like fried chicken and they weren’t wrong! It had a nice sesame seasoning and tasted good but unfortunately for me this starter wasn’t as stand out as I had expected. I think part of the problem as you can probably see from the photo is that it wasn’t easy to eat all together – so ended up being crab on the side. So it was good but not great for me.

Grant says: I actually really liked the benedict! I loved the jalapeno in the hollandaise. It really added something new and different to the flavor. Maybe mine was not as thick breading either. Or maybe I’m used to soft shell crab outside of Japanese restaurants where it’s not tempura battered.


Onto mains where I was torn between the steak tartare and the burger, luckily for me another bruncher in the same predicament agreed to half and half with me. The burger was good, I felt like the bread could have been better but the burger itself was juicy and flavourful and the toppings were abundant and well flavour matched. The steak tartare was good, nicely seasoned and a reasonable portion. What let the mains down was the chips, both of these came with fries but unfortunately half of mine were soggy and the rest lacked any pizzazz and so overall they were a bit lacklustre.

Grant says: I’m in total agreement over the fries. They were soggy and really kind of lame. Good thing they brought some ketchup, at least it helped a bit. But the tartare was amazing! We had recently had a tartare in Paris, and this was in every way better. My partner was in love with the sauce.

As they give an option for two or three courses some of us waited til after the mains to decide, but once one person was in we all were! I bravely bucked the trend and went for the White chocolate pistachio cake with cherry ice cream. Everyone else balked at the thought as they imagined it would be far too sweet however the pistachio cake wasn’t that sweet at all and was a nice accompaniment to the most delicious ice cream I have had in a while. I am a big cherry fan anyway but this ice cream was outstanding, it has a great real, fresh, cherry flavour and a rich creaminess but wasn’t too heavy (thankfully – after the preceding 2 courses). The cake was definitely the backing singer to this pud and if I find myself back here I will be requesting a bowl of cherry ice cream on its own – probably for puds but possibly for starter and desert too, it was that good! For me they most definitely saved the best until last.

Grant says: Well I definitely went for the apple pie because I had seen it on another table. And it was really good sized. It was a bit of a disappointment because the custard was slightly curdled, but it didn’t taste eggy. The pie was fantastic. The crust was light and crisp and everything I want in a pie crust. I might pull a Bella and see if they’d do it with ice cream instead of the cream. I also tried a bite of the sticky toffee pudding, but I thought it was a bit dry for me. More toffee sauce!

Grant says: Unlimited booze-wise, they’re pretty good as well. Like I previously mentioned, I had the Bloody Mary to start, then I wanted to switch to Prosecco. Originally it had taken awhile to get my Bloody Mary, so when I finished it, I asked to switch. It wasn’t a problem. However, our lovely server had already ordered me a second Bloody Mary. He then poured me a glass of Prosecco. Awesome. At the beginning he was really good about keeping us refilled, but toward the end, we were sometimes waiting a bit. Which is actually the right way for it to happen. You want to start off strong, then end slowly. So all in all, I really liked One Canada Square, and I think I’d come back for a second go!

One Canada Square Restaurant
Canary Wharf London E14 5AB

One Canada Square Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Square Meal

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