Windmill Pub – Pie for an American friend

Having lived in New York for a while I now have a few American friends and Yes, I am proud of that! Once in a blue moon one of them comes over and is in need of a good British experience. I love impressing my UK knowledge on people who don’t know any better and cannot or will not argue. Why not expose them to the delights of real British grub? After all we need to fight the prejudice that everyone always eats fish and chips and deep fried Mars bars. Let’s expose them to real pub food and see them marvel at Bangers and Mash or see them cringe when we force them to order a Spotted Dick.

My friend Stephen was on a visit to London for work. This tidbit of information may not seem important to you, but I like to elaborate on smaller things. It meant we had to meet in Mayfair, as both of our bosses make us work in that area. It also meant we went out for a meal on Monday (his first night out in town). Also instead of really looking for an amazing restaurant we were more interested in gossiping the whole evening. As he had no clue where to go, I was the leading force in this endeavour … just how I like it. I decided on a traditional English Pub. Always a beloved favourite by visiting Americans. Surprisingly the pubs around Mayfair were still busy enough (What are all these people doing out on a Monday? Do they have no telly?) that we had to abandon two of them (fine examples as well) before finding a seat in The Windmill Pub. Sadly, no Spotted Dick on the menu. To get a menu was a bit of a task. None on the table. None at the bar. The waitress brought one over and asked if we wanted to order. Over eager. Give me a minute, love! Having decided on a stout for Stephen and a red wine for myself, we were chatting away without paying much attention to the menu. As it was mostly pie, we had not problem in deciding on having pie.

As far as I know, Stephen greatly enjoyed his Shepherd’s Pie. He said it was amazing and I think he send a picture to his wife back in the US to make her jealous. I would have been a bit disappointed by the small size and the lack of a side dish, but I didn’t mention it to him – didn’t want to burst his Shepherd’s pie sized bubble!

My Chicken and Chorizo pie was covered in flaky pastry, which was a little underdone in a few parts. The chicken was cooked nicely. The pie came with some green leaves on the side. If this would have arrived in the summer it would have been perfect, but I was in need of warm comfort food and found this very uninspiring. Furthermore I found it accompanied by a little pot of humus and what I think could be described as tzatziki. Not sure why, but there it was.

IMG_7847 (1)

Verdict: A nice pub, with an OK menu and not all too expensive prices for Mayfair, but if you are looking for a proper pie I would go elsewhere.

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  1. I am not a lover of mixing traditional fayre with bits of nouveau cuisine – especially after enjoying some excellent traditional pub grub. With you on the green…don’t really like it on a plate with hot food anytime but especially not in the winter. Enjoyed the post pop along and vist me sometime.


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