The Little Tearoom – Dartmoor National Park

I love to travel. Especially to visit friends and family. The parents of my good friend Sarah have recently moved from Hertford to Tavistock, near Dartmoor National Park. What other reason than the beautiful landscape of the Moor do I need to visit? I actually had some more important ones: Sarah now lives in Germany and I miss her terribly. She was back home for a holiday. Also Sarah’s parents are just awesome people and their cats (Jake and Mellow) are just amazing animals.  Anyhow … you are not reading this to find out more about Sarah (shame on you), but to hear about this cute little tearoom in Ashburton. Maybe “twee” would be a better word. How about “quaint”? I could also offer “peculiar”.

We visited Ashburton in the middle of our “Explore Dartmoor in a Day” trip . Stopping in this mini town was a well deserved break for Sarah, as she had to drive me around the whole day … poor soul. Originally we visited Ashburton for my love of antiques. Just walking down the High Street showed six or seven antique shops of all price classes. But even though I was eager to start my shambling through the overstuffed caves of these official hoarders, anticipation is sometimes even better … and Sarah was hungry. She also knows how long a treasure hunt can take, so we decided to turn into one of the lovely tea rooms in the area. As this was not London, where they serve you food all day long, here we missed lunch time by 10 mins. It was 2.10 pm in the afternoon. But in one of the few side streets we found this little gem: alive and swinging.

Decisions, decisions … not easy when there are so many choices.
Two of the many menu boards.

Stepping into it took some courage, as it looked more like someones front parlour then a tea room. The owners were super friendly and were having a lovely chat with some neighbours of theirs, while we walked in. The main room was lavishly decorated with fairy  lights, old lamps, random knick knacks and pictures of the town and (I assume) the owners family.

And there were menu boards. Ohh what a range of menu boards … I think I counted six all together. In all shape and sizes. We were also given a menu card. AND there were cakes and scones and cookies on display. Too much!! I was hungry now as well… and I get very grumpy and greedy when hungry.

So many options. I admit none of them were particularly difficult to produce in the kitchen, but one was still given the option between a croissant with Butter&Jam or with Bacon&Tomato. In my opinion the whole thing could have been nicely organised with some well placed bullet points, but that would have taken the charm out of it. Sarah was not doing much better, when it came to making a decision.

I have to admit I went completely old-school with my choices. The environment was basically screaming for it: Baked Beans on Toast with cheese and then Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream (shared) as dessert. I believe Sarah had a sandwich with crisps.

Cream tea in all its glory
Another board and a great display of baked goods.

What can you say about classics like this. It was great. Everything came on mismatched china and with doilies, but adorably presented. The Baked beans on toast was a good portion for its £4 price tag and it came with a side order of chatter. Seriously … the two guys who run the place were so nice and genuinely friendly. We had a great time listening into their conversations and also chatting to them. The cream tea was especially nice, as the scones were hot. Yummy!

After we finished you could have rolled me into the nearest antique shop …

The Tea Room, 4 Kingsbridge Lane, Ashburton, Dartmoor National Park TQ13 7DX, England
01364 653 258

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