DogEatDog Angel

Oh Brewdog, how I love thee, let me count the ways. Okay, there’s probably just one main reason. They are sassy as f**k. Oh, and they love dogs in their pubs.

DogEatDog is the latest in their burgeoning empire of pubs. Like many of the others I have been to, it glories in its own personality and purpose. This one is pure dog, hot dog, that is. When we decided to go there, I wasn’t entirely sure. I am used to seeing gourmet dogs in Canada and they are always huge, spilling over with ingredients and drop like a stone in your stomach. Put your fat pants on!

DogEatDog is just across from my apartment though, conveniently situated right at the start of Essex Road and a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Perfect distance for an exquisitely lazy Sunday stumble.


The inside is pure Brewdog classic, featuring hints of their famous branding, funky lighting fixtures and plenty of tables. It is definitely set up more as a restaurant than a bar, unlike the rest of the Brewdogs in London. I doubt you would be comfortable just coming in for a beer and not ordering food, mainly as they have a huge menu board behind the bar and beer taps are very much secondary.

Confession: I am not a gourmet dog aficionado, like most people in Britain, I imagine. Therefore, adding all those toppings to a rubbery sausage seems weird to me. We ordered the Chicago Chili Dog and the Kimchi Dog to share, adding a side of slaw and sweet potato fries. My boyfriend had a beer and I decided to try the Square Root soda fountain, my body too fragile for any ‘hair of the dog’.


The kimchi and chili dog.


Nothing better than a little punk in your day.

Like so many American themed places, the food arrives on a canteen tray. There is wooden cutlery, should you decide to not use your fingers to eat your slaw… Wooden cutlery? I hate that stuff, just have real cutlery, okay? It’s not that hard to throw it in the dishwasher.


I tried the Chicago Chili Dog first. I’ve never tried a real one from Chicago but even I know that they probably don’t have much to worry about in terms of this UK contender. It wasn’t spicy or particularly filling and the sausage itself was pretty small. No wiener jokes here, please, we’re adults. I have no idea why they had watercress on top, but it was definitely pointless. The cheese was also a bit bland. Yet, of the two, it was easily our favourite.


My boyfriend was pretty disappointed with the kimchi dog. It is supposed to come with kimchi, teriyaki sauce, nori strips, sesame and coriander. There also seemed to be spring onion and carrot. Can I be frank here, no pun intended? All I could taste was salty, sad, wet bun.


The sauce spills over onto the bun and the sausage, again, is just not robust enough to stand up for itself against this.

Easily the best part of the meal was the sweet potato fries, they were crispy and cooked to perfection. I also love how each table comes with a sampler of sauces. Not that you could add any to the kimchi dog lest it collapse completely. My opinion is that they need to give the dogs a boot up the arse and supersize the meat.



Hipster soda fountain of dreams!

Overall, we had a nice time. The staff are friendly and cool.  If I came back, it would mainly be for drinks and I would definitely be trying one of their flights of beers. I love tiny beers.

Value for money: 6/10
Taste: 7/10 overall
Dogs on the premise: 0
Hangover level: 5

Brewdog Dog Eat Dog Angel
29-31 Essex Road, N1 2SA
t: 0207 359 7474

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