Craft and Dough, Sheffield

I’m sure you have read all my other posts (haven’t you??), and when you saw this one you thought: “Wow, from Dartmoor to Sheffield. She’s getting around.” Yep! I took my chances and boarded a train again… this time to the North. That’s what I do for family. I should get a medal for being so dedicated to travel for friends and family. My cousin decided some years ago to live in Sheffield with her husband. Nobody knows why. It sure isn’t for the weather: That time around it was cold, windy and it rained a bit. So… you know… the usual for Sheffield. To make the best out of this weekend, we went to the Victorian Christmas Market at the Kelham Island Museum, which is at least partially in doors. After having the worst – I’m not lying – THE worst chestnuts ever, we decided to go to the closest eating place to get rid of that memory: Craft & Dough is just down the road.

The place doesn’t look like much from the outside as it’s in a new development, but it’s great on the inside. They have a massive array of booze. Being part of the boozy bunch I can appreciate a good bar.

The cocktail menu was also very nice, but as I was with two non-boozers I let my cousin’s husband order and he went with something more traditional: A half pint of beer. I don’t think I have had a half pint since… forever. I thought it was strange, but he told me the place is known for its craft beers. To be honest: The beer wasn’t to my taste. It was a bit too blah. I like my beer dark and spicy. Just like my men. Argh. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. My cousin had a virgin cocktail (good choice as she’s expecting) and some tea. The tea took longer than the rest of the drinks. Maybe they never had a tea order before. After all this is a cocktail/pizza kind of place. After that, we just had to wait for our meal… as you can see: Someone is rather  hungry.


  • Beer battered courgettes £3.95
  • Bakery Foccacia with Furnace Hill pesto and olive oil/balsamic dressing £1.50

The beer battered courgettes were ‘hot hot hot’ when they arrived at the table. They also came with a spicy mayonnaise mixture. It reminded me of  Thousand Island dressing. Yummy! I basiclly dipped everything into that goodness, The Foccacia – mhm – it was alright. Not bad, but I was missing the large air holes in it. It was more like northern European bread than Italian foccacia.

We also ordered three pizzas:

  • Beets & Roots: Salt baked heritage beetroot puree, honey & thyme roasted root vegetables, brie, rocket & carrot top  for £8
  • Butternut Squash: Butternut squash base, purple sprouting broccoli, rosemary roasted squash and pumpkin seeds for £7
  • Margherita:  Tomato, mozzarella & basil for £4.95

I have to admit that I love Italian food, but I’m normally leaning more towards pasta than pizza. But seeing great things coming out of that oven I changed my mind. Seriously… look at them… no way to resist something so beautiful. The beetroot pizza was delicious. Just on the right side of crispy and even with the beetroot puree all over it, I could still taste the many different root vegetables. AND it had Brie on it. I will never go back to pizza without brie. What a discovery. What joy! Imagine the last couple of lines read by David Attenborough… That’s how excited I was about it! I have to say that compared to the beetroot joie de vivre the butternut squash was not that great, but it was still good, as it was different. It had a slight hint of curry. Great combination with the squash and the rosemary. BUT they really could have done much better with the broccoli. Alex is a great fan of broccoli (Hear! Hear!) and this was rather disappointing.  As you can see … they put two stalk on it. Two!! they also didn’t cut the wooden bit off the stalks. As he’s not a complainer he still enjoyed his pizza. Margarita is difficult to do wrong. This one was classic, as it was loaded with mozzarella.


One thing we noticed: Many of the seating arrangements had no back. That can get a bit tiresome in the long run. In my vivid imagination, I could see that with some help from some of the amazing cocktails they offer, I could find myself toppling from they stools and boxes they have there.

By the way… if you tweet your meal, you can get 10% off the bill.

Craft and Dough
1A Kelham Square, Kelham Island, Sheffield, S3 8SD

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