The Boozy Bunch do Boozy Brunch part 2 (or -6): Made Bar & Kitchen

As people seemed to like our last brunch post I thought that it may be time to revisit one of our previous brunches. Although the boozy bunch as a group went a few months ago we had a reliable recent visitor inform us that there haven’t been any major changes since our visit.

Made Bar & Kitchen is within the Roundhouse, but also has its own entrance. We were a 15 person strong group with the usual varying arrival times but they were very accommodating and relaxed about taking orders at different times. The bottomless brunch offering is £14.95 for unlimited pastries, toast, waffles, tea, coffee, spreads and one main. Or £27.95 including bottomless bellinis and Bloody Mary’s. As usual I will let one of the other brunchers (bunchers?) fill you in on how the booze was and add their two pence worth.

Grant says: I had a Bloody Mary to start, and I remember it was fairly decent, but there was a real problem getting refills. They would take ages pretty much every time we asked for anything (food or drink), so it was really frustrating to be always out of drink. I seem to recall the Prosecco was pretty average, but drinkable.

Daniel says: Well put Grant, I actually ended up procuring a second glass so that the waiters were forced to fill two at once – it kept me going in the lag period. The restaurant isn’t huge, was fairly busy but we were at one end in the corner which I think was the issue. To be fair, knowing how loud us Boozy Brunchers are, it wasn’t a bad place to put us!

The brunch started really well with a tower of food appearing at both ends of the table filled with lots of tasty treats including some really nice sourdough bread, and waffles and pastries.

The bread was really good, toasted to perfection (for me) and with a good variety of toppings. Well it looked like it, I mostly just had Nutella. The waffles were lovely although not as fresh and hot as they can be. The pastries were bite-sized and crispy and tasty. Unfortunately there was a real difficulty in making this part “unlimited” – for us it had limits or at least a snails pace for refills. We were spread over two tables and for some reason the staff were struggling to keep up with the demand and so basically one table ended up being regularly refilled and the other – not so much. Luckily for me as this was about the time of my birthday (well a month later but I generally claim a month before and a month after as my birthday months) so I claimed it as a birthday brunch and floated about both tables which somehow resulted in my getting to try everything – funny that.

Grant says: “Struggling to keep the demand” is euphemism for being absolutely forgetful and incompetent and being unable to do their job. They could bring toast fairly easily. But we asked for waffles every time a server came to our table. And we were always told they were coming. It took about 45 minutes for any waffle refills to show up, and when they did, there were three waffle quarters they brought out. It was seriously a joke. The level of frustration with the service was felt by every person at our end of the table.

Onto mains, I ordered the baked eggs shakshuka with Merguez sausage. It was a popular choice on the table.

I was not disappointed with this choice at all. It was really, really good. I struggled to make a dent as the portion size was very generous, and the sourdough bread went perfectly with the rich tomato sauce. The sausage had a really strong flavour so although there was a lot of tomato for me the sausage, egg and mustard ensured that it wasn’t overpowering. I valiantly kept going until I was finally defeated- and I would order this again every time, all of the other mains were great but this was a standout favourite for me.

Grant says: I had the same dish. It was a bit too tomato-y for me. It just felt like the proportion of all the ingredients was off. A bit less tomato and the whole thing would have sang, but it was a fairly tasty main course.

Daniel says: I had the same too (our commentary is not proving all that varied here). For me I felt that the dish was good, a bit too much tomato but in my naivety I wasn’t aware of what shakshuka was… Awkward confession. Having said that, more chilli would have given some extra spice here that would have offset the rich flavour. My main issue with this dish however was that it came after I’d stuffed myself on croissants, pastries and waffles. As a Brit through and through, sweet before savoury has never sat well with me.

Overall I was impressed by this brunch, I think it is excellent value for money, plenty of food on offer in theory and everything that I ate was good. For me it is on the revisit list for a smaller group, as this may result in a quicker refilling. The cherry on top is that if you go while the beach is on you only need to make it up a small amount of stairs til you are in the perfect location to sit back and make sandcastles which is a good distraction from thinking about how much you have eaten.

Grant says: As much as I love Bella, I think she was seeing this brunch through Birthday-colored glasses. The food and drink (when you managed to get any) were reasonably priced, but the service was absolutely awful. I was unimpressed by the brunch. Constantly having to flag down servers because they forgot to bring drinks or food does not make for a pleasant outing with friends. When a person is constantly asking for something and are ignored at a restaurant, it really frustrates me. I won’t be going back to Made. I would rather go somewhere where they have capable waitstaff. Not a bunch of “laid-back” waitstaff where they feel like they can just do whatever it was they were doing instead of serving us.

Daniel says: I rank this in the middle of the brunches that we have had – the food was well priced and overall tasty. The service was poor given the capacity of the restaurant. Bella had a great time being the party queen however, so that made up for it! Also, the beach at the top of The Roundhouse was a welcome addition, even if I don’t particularly like sand in my socks (that sounds so unbelievably British, but we weren’t planning on going to the beach that day so I was not in appropriate attire).

Made Bar & Kitchen
Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road,
London, NW1 8EH

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