Great Company, Great CôBa

One thing you can count on with the Boozy Bunchers is that they always know the best places to eat. CôBa was a recommendation from Boozy Buncher Grant, who had been keen to eat there for a while.

I am not a huge Pho fan, which puts me in the minority of most foodies that I know, but I was very happy we had decided to book a group dinner there. Jump on a bus at King’s Cross station, and you’ll be at their charming, candlelit restaurant in no time.

2015-11-30 18.15.37

Côba is a lovely, intimate place, and we were greeted by the owner Damon and some of his family when we arrived. Early birds, Grant and I, took our seats at a large sharing table. The menu is small so you won’t suffer the pain of having to make difficult choices. Just order everything. Trust me on that. It’s small so they do everything very, very well.

Since we were early, we decide to take advantage of having the bartender all to ourselves and ordered up a few tipples to start. An old fashioned for my boyfriend and some sexy frothy gin things for the girls.

2015-11-30 19.10.14

We had a bit of debate over what to order. Fried chicken or the prawn toast, which is HIGHLY recommended. We ended up going for the fried chicken which comes served with a spicy mayo, the problem here is sharing. Don’t. Get your own.

We also decided to try the grilled lamb cutlets, beautifully cooked and tender. The waitress did say that we could expect some of the dishes to be spicy but I actually found it was more about the flavour than the heat levels.


You thought we’d be done after starters? Never! Onto the main courses and it was a choice of noodle or pho. For me, the spicy lemongrass barbecue pork and for my boyfriend, the beef pho. I enjoyed the barbecue pork on the whole but I did find the meat was rather fatty, which isn’t my favourite. Again this was a dish that packed a big punch in terms of taste. Côba are clearly very experienced in putting dishes together that excite and stimulate the palate.

2015-11-30 19.23.51

I had a taste of the pho and it explodes with freshness and flavour so I can see why people are a fan.


2015-11-30 19.22.40

As a group, we had a really great dinner here and I was delighted to experience CôBa and meet the lovely people who run the place.

244 York Way
London N7 9AG

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