Maidreamin was probably one of my most unusual experiences in Japan, which is saying quite a lot! I remember seeing maid cafes in a Jonathan Ross documentary once but had kind of forgotten that they existed. So when my friend suggested that we visit one on our trip I had no expectations but thought it sounded like fun. I was not prepared for the number of maids out on the street as soon as we found the area, particularly on a quiet weekday morning. Luckily as we were a group of 3 women none of the maids were paying us any attention so we wandered for a bit before trying to decide which cafe to go to, we had a plan but in the end it was so bewildering we settled on one that had a nice billboard. So one of the maids on the street explained to us how it works, we pay a fee to go into the cafe, depending on how long we want to stay, and then have to order something once in to a minimum spend. So we then followed her up some dodgy looking stairs into a lift where there weren’t numbers- it was starting to get a bit eerie, but finally we arrived at a boring looking door. The maid from the street then said something into her Britney Spears type headset and disappeared. We took the plunge and entered through the door and into another world. I think that not very many all female groups attend and so after the initial confusion over what to call us they settled on princess and brought over the menus. There were all sorts of multicoloured food choices – we settled on ice cream and I think it’s fair to say they put a lot of effort into making the sundaes.

I mean it was a turtle so it was quite difficult to eat as, you know, I love turtles. But I mustered the courage and gave it a go. It was quite possibly the most unique sundae I have had ever- I mean whipped cream is pretty standard as was the cherry on top but beyond that the green ice cream and hidden surprises were quite unexpected. Not gourmet by any means but the combination of cereal, jelly sweets and popcorn (I think) with the matcha ice cream really worked- in fact I got so into it I almost missed the maid show but fortunately the dimming of the lights and the turning of the volume up to 11 drew my attention away from the ice cream. Maybe it was the unusual surroundings or being addressed as princess and suddenly every single thing I said being hilarious. Or maybe I was just grateful for the focal point away from the confusing not really sure about how I feel about this situation but I enjoyed the sundae! And the glow sticks, and the bunny ears.  

Zeniya BLDG.3F 1-8-4 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 Japan

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