Boozy Brunch at Avenue, Mayfair

This Boozy Brunch was only attended by one of the Boozy Bunch (myself) as the rest of the gang had already visited this place some time back. I have to say it looks impressive on arrival. All high ceilings and nice seating. As its off St. James Street, I didn’t expect anything less. We had to wait a bit behind a larger group before we were attended to, but it wasn’t a drag, as I was admiring the nice furnishings and already peeked at other diner’s food.

We were lead to the back of the restaurant past the glass chandelier. And when I say glass I mean it was built in the way that it could hold the wine and champagne glasses. Very nice details and a bit of a eye catcher. I also really liked the wall piece … looks like cloth, but its made out of metal.

After finishing looking around, we went to look at the menu. They offer two courses for £23 plus an All-You-Can-Drink option for £15. You can choose between the Bloody Mary or Prosecco – or you start with the Bloody Mary and then switch to the Prosecco as we did. My friend was on the ball immediately. She flagged down the waitress and ordered the first Bloody Mary. We ordered the second when we were ready to give in our food order. She clearly wanted to get the best out of this Boozy Brunch. For the first course we had Egg Florentine for me and Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon on Toast for her. Food and Booze arrived quickly and was delicious.  The portions were not big but fully acceptable. My friend was over the moon with her dish. Second course was Mac’n’Cheese for me and a Buttermilk Chicken Burger for my friend. At that point we switched to Prosecco, which I think goes well with Burger, but it’s not great for Mac’n’Cheese.

I have to say it was a great portion size and it tasted great. No wonder, as it was still boiling hot when it arrived and swimming in fat. Nothing worse than cold, low fat melted cheese. I was very happy with my choice, but my friend was only OK – after all it was Buttermilk Chicken on bread. And she just had bread in her first course. Double whammy. The plate had nothing even remotely fresh on it to make it less stodgy. On the other hand we needed a lot of carbs to counteract the amount of alcohol we consumed. The waiters were great in making sure our glasses were never empty.

I have to say it was not the best restaurant to have a conversation in. The high ceiling and the large amount of guests made it rather noisy, but the service was great. The Prosecco really was unlimited and they even gave us more after our two hours were up. If you are looking to get slightly wasted over brunch, this is a great option. Just don’t expect amazing food as well. Its standard brunch food with the feel good factor of cheese and egg overload, but it’s not Fine Dining.

7-9 St. James’s Street, SW1 1EE

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  1. dishydelishy says:

    Bottomless brunching is the best! This place looks cool and the food looks fab. I love mac n cheese and like you said good for soaking up the fizz. I’ve done quite a few bottomless brunches (on my blog) and I agree they are always quite loud, everyone gets a bit rowdy after a few glasses, me included! Great pics x


    1. Jules says:

      I admit that I just like to be grumpy about small stuff like this. Don’t wants to be just compliments and adoration. 🙂 I will have a look at your blog now, just to find a few more places to go to.


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