Boozy Bunch Hitlist for 2016

Yee Gan: What places are you going to in the year ahead? Among the fine dining spots in London, Lee Westcott’s cuisine at Typing Room is definitely on my hit list. After so many recommendations from other Boozy Bunchers about Coba, I’ve got to get my Vietnamese on there. Fried chicken-wise, Chick ‘n’ Sours has my attention with the promise of south East Asian influenced fried chicken. I’m saving up for wedding and honeymoon this year, so there won’t be many long distance foodie forays but a revisit to Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham can never go amiss.

Sanj: Those all sound very enticing, Yee Gan! Top of my London hitlist at the moment is Hoppers in Soho. It’s the latest Indian restaurant from the Sethi siblings who are also behind Trishna and Gymkhana, both of which I was surprised to find I loved – usually I’m disappointed by eating out for Indian food as I inevitably compare it to the taste (and ingredient prices!) of the home cooking I grew up on. Hoppers is a little different and inspired by Sri Lanka, which I visited last year so am excited to try those flavours again. The only catch is no reservations, and I haven’t managed to catch the queue at less than an hour and a half wait yet! Elsewhere I’m also keen to try the new incarnation of Mission (Sager + Wilde) in Bethnal Green, from the Sager + Wilde team.

Grant: Enjoy Sager + Wilde Restaurant Sanj, I know I did! This year, I’m really looking forward to trying out Mac and Wild, the new Scottish restaurant that opened in Fitzrovia. Also, for my 40th birthday, I’ve decided I want to get the Kaiseki menu from Umu (they received a second Michelin star last year). Finally, after five years of hearing about it, I’m going to make it out to River Cafe for some Italian food!

Vicky: Being a bit slow off the mark, I’m determined to visit Kitchen Table and Carousel this year. I’m excited to try Frenchie (not to be confused with the duck confit people), mainly because I couldn’t go when I was in Paris last year and it was on my hit list. After watching Masterchef: The Professionals, I would love to go to Alba, pick truffles and visit Piazza Duomo (in my dreams may be).  Food wise, 2016 will be the year I’d find a proper milk chocolate that hits the spot. A high cocoa content (at least 50, 60%+ will be better), ‘melt in the mouth’ feel and not too sweet – I feel it’s time for milk chocolate to take its rightful place as a ‘real chocolate’ rather than a cheap sweet like Hershey’s (apparently I’ll be spending a lot of 2016 dreaming).

Jules: I’m normally do not have many places I’m really looking up beforehand. I also have no idea what just opened or what has been here for years. I’m more going by what I would like to eat on the particular day.  One of my New Years resolutions: I really want to try going to more Vegetarian restaurants. A few years back Vanilla Black was amazing, so I need to check if that’s still the case. On a completely different note: I think the Grain Store sounds like something I would love to try.

Daniel: I love the variety of places that everyone is coming up with – in hindsight writing this after lunchtime was a bad idea, I’ll be thinking about food all afternoon now! I’m very excited by the new boozy brunch locations that are springing up around the place, I’ve got my eye on Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Lima Floral (Peruvian brunch, yes please!) and Bunga Bunga (pizza and Bellini, what can go wrong?). I have to say that Sanj’s review of W Hotel was pretty intriguing too, another one for the list there. Finally, I’ve had New World Dim Sum on my list for far too long now – they serve the dim sum on trolleys and I’ve been told that it’s the best Dim Sum in London; since it’s my favourite cuisine of all time, that sounds like a challenge I’m going to have to investigate.

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