The Weekly Munch, 30 Jan-5 Feb 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Grant: I had purchased a voucher for Le Gavroche for my partner’s birthday last year, and he finally booked us in to eat there after tickets to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. The meal was fantastic. Especially the ridiculous cheese board available. So many cheeses. I wanted them all. Unfortunately, I had to make a selection from what was available. (All cheeses available at La Fromagerie apparently. We asked.) Keep your eyes peeled for a full review!

Jules: Getting over my Saturday night hangover was the key motivator to visit this close to home brunch place. Pedler in Peckham is a very cute, french-style cafe with what looks to be a decent menu and a nice cocktail list. The food was rather disappointing and the cocktails were ok, but not worth going back for (read the review coming soon and make up your own mind!). At least they helped with the hangover.


Yee Gan: Emma and I tried out Fish Tale Bar & Grill in Winchester for dinner. With a Goan head chef, it wasn’t a surprise to find more exotic dishes on the seafood-predominant menu. I enjoyed my seafood laksa starter, a complex Malaysian coconut-based soup, even if they did dunk my crispy prawn tempura into it. Full review coming soon.

Daniel: Mid-week drinking, it just has to be done! I did tell myself to take a week off in preparation for a Boozy Bunch Brunch coming up this weekend (stay tuned for that review!) but inevitably failed when meeting a friend after work. We were initially planning a foray into London’s cocktail scene, but with some last minute cancellations we ended up at the rather lovely Porterhouse. Set in Covent Garden, it’s a must try for all visitors to London – a labyrinthine building akin to an Escher painting, full of staircases and wooden cubbyholes to wile away a couple of hours.

Sanj: After Yee Gan beat me to reviewing new Soho spot Hoppers last week, he made it up to me by suggesting a return visit so I could try it too. I see why he was so keen to go back – they don’t pull any punches on the flavours here. The hoppers, dosa, karis and sambol took me straight back to Sri Lanka, while the Ceylonese whole spit chicken was a finger-licking delight. Well worth skipping out of work early to beat the queues!


Grant: Some of us bunchers work (relatively) close by. Sometimes we like to have a work neighbors outing, and on this outing Bella, Vicky, Linzi and I met up to have cocktails at London Cocktail Club (to take advantage of the 2 for £12 happy hour), then moved on to grab pizza at Homeslice. Homeslice is probably my favorite pizza place in London, and I’m pretty sure everyone else enjoyed themselves as well. Our favorite was the 50/50 mushroom and goat shoulder. The night devolved into a selfie masterclass and a ridiculous amount of photo taking.


Vicky: Being a ramen fiend, I hightailed it after school to Tonkotsu Notting Hill to take advantage of their soft opening weekend (yay! 50% off ramen!!!). I’m super glad to have revisited an old favourite from years ago- a fantastic reminder of how London’s ramen scene has completely blown up in the last few years! Look out for our upcoming feature, Ramen Wars, a one week special celebrating London’s noodly goodness.  And obviously a review of Tonkotsu’s newest branch will also be up soon!

What a week! Have you got any food and drink highlights from the last 7 days? Share them with us in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your favourites for a future review…

Check out last week’s Munch here.

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