Vancouver Eats: Trilussa Pizza & Koko Monk

The newly minted wife and I were looking for a place to stuff our faces while we were wandering around downtown Vancouver. After a couple of weeks of Chinese food (don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but you need some variety), we looking for something warm and filling of the European variety. Enter Trilussa Pizza and Pane. Now I love pizza almost as much as I love burgers (and I love me some burgers) and Trilussa is definitely the place to go to satisfy such cravings. The pizza is made fresh almost continuously in long meter long rectangles and you can order as much or as little of each type as you like. Don’t see an arrangement of pizza toppings you like? Just ask the pizza chef behind the counter to whip up something to your tastes and he’s more than happy to comply.

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★ Atmosphere: ★★★☆☆ Value: ★★★ Overall: ★★★

Trulissa Pizza

Meeting friends?

The restaurant itself is very small so you are better off popping into a coffee shop or bar along Main St to relax and meet up. There is an awesome little coffee shop/deli about 5-10 mins walk away called Le Marche St George. The coffee is pretty good and they serve up affogato’s with Ernest Ice Cream (a spectacular local brand) so that ticks all my boxes for a place to browse and lounge. Plus you get to support a local business – everybody wins.

What to eat?

Pizza! We tried bits of so many different types I don’t know where to even begin. But that is one of the joys of Trilussa as you get to nibble on a bunch of different things and don’t have to lock yourself into just one.

Trulissa Pizza

My favourite was a spicy meaty pizza with smoked ham, spicy sausage, and some sort of shredded chillies. It was full of bold flavours but not at all greasy. The pizza base is a mix between a thin crust and normal base but very crunchy (just the way I like it). Plus since I saw it made, baked, and served up as I waited, I couldn’t fault the freshness!

Trulissa Pizza

There are a couple of cold options (baked based and sauce then cold toppings) such as the smoked salmon and a salad pizza (I’m sure there is a more proper Italian name for that). The smoked salmon was tasty for the salmon and the salad one seemed less a pizza and more a salad on a breadstick. Turns out that while I like cold day old pizza, fresh cold topping pizzas are not my thing. Go figure.

How about a drink?

Honestly, I don’t recall if they serve booze but they have a great range of artisan sodas on offer. I opted for the root beer (we just don’t get good root beer in the UK) and it was delicious. So much so that I begrudgingly let the wife try some and she promptly finished half the bottle.

By all accounts, the coffee here is supposed to be as good as what you get Italy. Sadly, not having been to Italy since I was a little kid, I can’t comment on this but I hope to go on a fact finding trip to Rome soon!

However, if post-pizza you fancy a dessert, it’s worth making a trip to Koko Monk for their hot chocolate tasting flight. We hit a slight hiccup to our plans as, although there are 6 choices, you need to order a minimum of two flights and the selection of three is the same for each flight (ie we’d have to order 4 flights to try all 6). Still, not a massive issue so we picked the three most interesting options and sat down to enjoy.

Koko Monk Vancouver

First, we tried the white chocolate and black sesame combo. I’m usually not a fan of white chocolate as I find it too sweet and a bit oily but here the quality was sufficiently high to leave it creamy without any artificial taste. The black sesame was a brilliant addition with a great balance and delicate flavour which I really enjoyed. A lime salted caramel drizzle brought a touch of refreshing citrus which helped lighten the drink.

Next, there was the Brunette Bangle which was a dark hot chocolate with a dusting of coconut and spicy curry. This was my favourite with a rich creamy dark chocolate and a perfect balance between the bitterness of the chocolate and the earthy spice of the curry powder. Finally, there was a pink peppercorn dark chocolate which was quite decent but paled in comparison (in my view) to the other two. However, the wife loved it as it tasted just right to her so seems to be a great choice if you want something a less in your face than the curry option.

The only other slight negative is the price with two tasting flights costing $21 which seems a bit steep for what is essentially two mugs worth of hot chocolate.

Worth the dosh?

Definitely! For around $30, the two of us stuffed ourselves silly and also managed a tasty root beer out of the deal. I’d happily go back this summer although I’ve only got so much belly space and there is a fantastic banh mi place just down the road…

Find Trilussa Pizza and Pane here
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