Ramen Wars: Cocoro, Marylebone

Way back before the ramen revolution hit London, my first experience of ramen was at Cocoro. It’s a Japanese restaurant just off Oxford Street and on its full menu, they offered ramen.

 My memory of the ramen was a nice soup but dry pork chashu. Just for ramen wars, I decided to return to where it all began.

I hit Cocoro for lunch as they used to have a minimum spend at dinner time. The restaurant has a largely Asian clientele and a more traditional vibe compared to the more rock and roll ambiance of places like Bone Daddies.

 I ordered my favourite tonkotsu ramen but with added pork fat (seabaru option on the menu). You can also get the ramen in a lunch set for £2 extra, where you also get miso soup, 3 appetisers, rice and fruit.

I also took advantage of the fact that Cocoro is a full restaurant by ordering some sashimi – o-toro (fatty tuna belly), hotate (scallop), unagi (eel) and botan shrimp.

 When the ramen arrived, I was reminded of Cocoro’s  unique way of serving ramen with the toppings on a separate plate and the noodles already in the bowl of hot soup. The bowl is probably the most generous-sized bowl of ramen in London. The soup has a good creamy depth, especially with the additional pork fat. The chashu has improved and there were 2 thick slices on the plate though not the fullest flavoured.

The sashimi was great as usual. The scallop was really sweet, the unagi rich and the o-toro creamy.

So, onto the marks for Ramen Wars

Noodles: above average but no offer to customise how you like them cooked

Soup base: Cocoro’s broth has always been good and it remains so

Toppings: generous thick slices of chashu and good balance of vegetables. Unusual to serve toppings separately but it allows you to customise your bowl

Egg: the egg was nice but a bit dry

General happiness: it was semi nostalgic to walk back into Cocoro. I do like the Japanese vibe

Noodles: ★★★★☆ Soup: ★★★★★ Toppings: ★★★★☆ Egg: ★★☆☆☆ Happiness: ★★★★☆

So, while Cocoro’s ramen crown has probably been stolen by Bone Daddies, Kanada-Ya or Ippudo, the availability of a wide range of high quality sushi and full Japanese menu adds something not available at the specialist ramen restaurants.

31 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2NH

Square Meal Cocoro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Christy Zee says:

    Personally, I didn’t enjoy Cocoro’s Tonkotsu broth quite as much, but I do agree that their toppings are great! Love the pictures on this post 🙂

    I recently wrote a review on Cocoro’s Marylebone branch as well, feel free to check it out: https://goo.gl/Oxbdd7. I stumbled across you guys’ blog recently and it always leaves me feeling hungry – haha! If any of you are interested in collaboration/guest blogging opportunities, please feel free to reach out; and even if you’re not, it would be great to connect 🙂


    1. Yeegan says:

      Hi Christy. Nice review. Are you a big ramen fan?


      1. Christy Zee says:

        Thank you and hahah, yes, absolutely! 🙂


      2. Yeegan says:

        Did you agree with the results of our Ramen Wars? Bone Daddies won. Runners up were Kanada Ya, Ippudo and Ramen Seto


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