Ramen Wars: Dozo Sushi, Soho

Ohhhhhhh Raaaaaamen …daaaaaada …. Ohhhhh Raaaaamen … dadadadaaaaa

In my imagination these are the first words in a favourite song of mine…which I just made up. Somehow it doesn’t read as well as it sounds in my head. How about some nice pictures of über-stuffed bowls of Ramen-Soup? Yeah, I thought you would like that.

I tried four times to get ramen at Dozo and there was always a queue. I don’t like queuing, so I normally leave and find a place without a queue. On this mild, rainy Saturday afternoon there wasn’t a queue … until I arrived. I actually started the queue for the day and they even turned on the heater for me. Awwww.  By the time I made it into the restaurant I was the only Westerner  eating there. Why do I mention this? I think it is important, as it that shows that they really know what they are doing.

This is not one of the restaurants that specialises on purely serving ramen. This place is better known for its Sushi. But as I’m not a big fan of seafood or fish I always go for the Ramen … and maybe a side of avocado maki. I had maki as a starter and I can tell you it was great. I do understand why so many people flog into this restaurant. This was good veggie sushi. I’m sure their fish is great as well. I also had the Spicy Beef Tonkotsu ramen and it was a real treat. The broth is nice and silky and it has the right amount of ramen noodle in it. The egg is just the right amount of runny. I was just so happy with the whole visit.

If you don’t mind the queuing this is a great place. With a hugh amount of  options, it also allows you to meet up with people, who don’t like ramen. Imagine that.

Noodles: They got it right here. Right quantity and the right consistency.

Soup: Silky, milky broth. Could do with a bit more spice.

Toppings: Too much minced beef for me.  Not enough spring onions.

Egg: Just right. Runny and delicious.

General Happiness: Ramen is delicious. Love the atmosphere and the decor, but the queuing is annoying.

Noodles: ★★★ Soup: ★★★★ Toppings: ★★☆☆ Egg: ★★★★ Happiness: ★★★★

Dozo Sushi
Tel:  020 7434 3219
32 Old Compton Street
Soho W1D 4TP

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