Ramen Wars: Shoryu Soho

This, my dear friends, is the season of Ramen. I love it that London has so many Ramen joints and not just Japanese restaurants that offer Ramen soup. During my recent Berlin visit I only found one place to offer Ramen. It’s great living in such a metropolitan city like London.

Anyway, it’s cold out there (sometimes). And when it’s cold, it is also usually windy. Which means my ears are cold, my nose is cold, my hands are cold (you get the drift), and my stomach is crying out for Ramen soup. Actually it is just saying “Feed me hot stuff.” My brain is translating it as “Feed me Ramen soup” and I concur.

The evening didn’t start out well after finding the booze place of our choice closed we decided to go for some Ramen to get warm and cozy again. There was a queue. A queue? Was the whole universe against me? I really don’t like queuing. It’s so boring and mostly the things you are queuing for are not worth the wait. But I had an entertaining date at my side, so we decided to stay and wait it out. Thank God it was moving quickly. After reaching the long anticipated end of the queue after a whole 20min of queueing (the agony) we got seated fairly close to the door. Normally not my favourite place, but I just complained about the waiting, and I was not in the mood to complain about the seating as well.

As a special treat we decided to go for a flight of Sake. Sadly I forgot to take notes, so I can only say: The orangy one in the middle was delicious. We also ordered Black Sesame Tofu with sweet miso sauce and broccoli. That was such a bad decision. It was a block of black jelly with tiny pieces of broccoli on it. We only tried a little bit of it and then left it on the side.

I had the Karaka Tan Tan Tonkotsu, with spicy minced pork, marinated in white miso, garlic and chiu chow chilli oil with an additional egg. Personally I thought it could have been a bit more spicy and I didn’t like the ginger on top, but it was still good. Admittedly the broth at Bone Daddies is a bit more creamy, but this one is still very tasty in itself. They also put the extra toppings on the side so one can decide when to add it. The ramen itself was just right.

My date had Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu with a richer, thicker broth. Sadly we were to busy talking about movies, so I didn’t question him about the quality of his Ramen. But I believe he really enjoyed it. I was amazed the way he handled the tricky task, as the ramen clearly tried very hard to get into his beard. Possibly trying to hide in it. Note to self: maybe not the best idea to bring a man with a big beard into a ramen restaurant.

I still love Shoryu and I think this one of the better Ramen places in London, although with all the competition in Central London it isn’t my Number 1 anymore. Sorry, dear… it is not me, it is you.

Noodles: Decent, but not enough of them.

Soup: Rich, intense, warming, silky. Just the way I like it.

Toppings: Not the best. The ginger … not needed. I could have done with more greens.

Egg: Nicely brown on the outside and a runny yolk.

General Happiness: The queuing isn’t my thing. The place is a bit too busy to make it truly comfortable, but the Ramen is good.

Noodles: ★★★ Soup: ★★★ Toppings: ★★☆☆ Egg: ★★★★ Happiness: ★★★☆☆

The link to the Soho Menu: http://www.shoryuramen.com/stores/11-soho/categories

3 Denman Street London W1D 7HA
Mon – Sat 11:15 – 00:00Sun & Bank Holidays 11:15 – 22:30

Shoryu Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Square Meal

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