Ramen Wars: Sasuke Ramen, Soho

I’ve decided to give ramen another chance. There, I’ve said it. As much as I hated on ramen, it’s definitely not as bad as my first two experiences. And I do really like the noodles, I mean I even made my own version of the ramen burger. That being said, I think I’ve realized I dislike tonkotsu ramen. It’s too fatty and masks too many other flavors. I guess I like my food to have a combination of flavors. Tonkotsu broth is just too one-note. So when I saw that Sasuke Ramen had a nice selection of non-tonkotsu broth soups, I knew I was going to have to give it a try. So when a friend suggested lunch, I decided to rush over there in order to squeeze in a bowl before Ramen Wars was over.

Is it the real Ramen experience? I have no idea…

It was fairly easy to get a seat, and that had me slightly worried. Usually the best places are hopping at lunch time. Although maybe it’s good, just not popular as they seem to focus on a range of ramen instead of just the tonkotsu that’s all the rage. I opted for the spicy miso ramen (with the addition of a whole egg, because if there’s one thing that I did like about all the ramen places I wasn’t impressed with, it was the egg). My friend ordered the special which was a mix of tonkotsu and seafood broth. It definitely sounded interesting. We also decided to get the chicken karaage skewers to start. The skewers were nice, but not amazing. They felt like they could have been a bit more crispy, and there was quite a bit of fattiness to them which I think was a bit of a detriment. The mayonnaise was good, but I opted for a slight drizzle of chilli oil to bump up the spice a bit.


The ramen came out. Mine looked amazing; my friend’s was a bit simpler. Not a lot of additional toppings, where mine had sweet corn and bean sprouts. The miso ramen also comes with its own mortar and pestle for grinding up sesame seeds which of course I had to add. So how was it?

Soup: The broth felt a bit too rich for me when I started. The miso added something nice, but it really got better once the spicy bit of it got mixed it. It did end up being quite spicy! However, it was really quite moreish, and as I kept eating, it did really give me a lot of satisfaction. It kept growing on me the more I ate it. Enough that I ended up drinking the bowl empty. So I suppose that’s a good sign. The mixed broth seemed nicer to start, as it was a lot lighter and had a great fish broth taste, but I was told that it was a bit too fishy toward the end, and quite a bit of the broth was left in the bowl.

Noodles: Noodles were really good. They held together well in the broth, but felt like they could have been slightly more flavorful.

Toppings: There was quite a bit of bean sprouts, and the sweet corn is a bit of an odd addition. It did add a bit of sweetness to the dish and texture, I guess, but it wasn’t really necessary. There wasn’t a whole lot of chashu pork either, just one slice, but the ramen is slightly cheaper than some of the others, so maybe that’s how they keep the price down. The pork wasn’t quite as fall apart tender as other places either.

Egg: The egg was quite good. I’ve had better though. In fact, it was slightly cold in the middle which was a bit of a let down. Especially as it isn’t included and was an additional £1.50 for the whole egg.

General Happiness: I was quite happy with everything at the end. The moreishness of the soup really helped me enjoy it as I was eating it down, as at the beginning I was slightly worried. However, the total price is about £12.50 with the addition of egg, so it is quite high on the price point for a bowl of soup. But hey, check out the next picture to see if I hated it.

Noodles: ★★★★☆ Soup: ★★★★★ Toppings: ★★★☆☆ Egg: ★★★☆☆ Happiness: ★★★★☆

Empty bowl

I mean, it’s a place I definitely feel like I’d come back to. Maybe not for a weekday lunch, as I have a place nearer to work that’s just as good and cheaper (which kind of makes it better for me), but perhaps on a cold weekend day or if I need something warm and filling for dinner. I mean, an empty bowl can’t really be that wrong, can it?

Sasuke Ramen
32 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LR

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