Ramen Wars: The best Ramen in London!

It’s been a full and wondrous week of ramen wars here at the Boozy Bunch.  The battle between London’s ramen joints have been well fought- some even winning ramen hater Grant over! But as with all good battles (or so we are taught in fairy tales), when ramen wars come to an end, there will be winners and losers. We would argue that the Boozy Bunch came out top with all the noodly and soupy goodness we’ve been consuming over the past few weeks, but we suppose there must be some type of definitive list. So without further ado, we present you our list of Ramen winners!

Winner: Bone Daddies

With an overwhelming amounts of votes from the boozy bunchers as well as an average of 4.8 stars on our ramen scale, Bone Daddies were the winners of this ramen wars. It seems to hit a high note on all our criteria as well as convincing Grant that it was him and not the tasty tonkotsu at Bone Daddies that is causing trouble in that relationship.

Honorable Mentions:

New kid on the block Kanada-ya scored incredibly highly on our ramen scale (the same as Bone Daddies) but just missed out on the votes- watch this space during the next ramen war as the boozy bunchers plan a visit to the new venue for a taste of their truffle ramen!

Ippudo was incredibly popular amongst the BB voters as well, but completely fell apart at the egg hurdle in Andrew’s review. Hopefully these international ramen guru will sort the egg situation out and come back fighting next time!

Ramen Seto also deserves a special mention as they managed to convince Grant that he actually likes ramen- in fact he’s now making ramen a part of his regular lunch repertoire!


Further down the list sits:

Sasuke: The ‘best of the rest’, Sasuke might not be awesome but we still managed to finish the entire bowl of noodle and soup.

Dozo: With it’s perma queue, Dozo is a worthy choice if you’re happy to queue and queue and queue for ramen and more.

Cocoro: An original stalwart of the Ramen revolution in London, Cocoro is an actual restaurant so it’s worth going if you’re looking for a variety of food or just feeling nostalgic.

Muga: Our resident expert Yee Gan gave Muga multiple opportunities but their soup (and we are very particular about our soup) never improved.  Everything else was ‘fine’ though.

Shoryu: We won’t mind coming here if you insists, but with better places all around soho, the question is, why would you?

Ittenbari: It is perfectly adequate for filling a ramen shaped hole in your life but don’t expect anything mind-blowing here.

Tonkotsu: As our lowest scoring ramen, it’s pretty average so we guess come here when you… can’t get in anywhere else??

What about you?  Let us know in the comments section who you think deserves to be crowned King of Ramen in London!





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  1. New Shoryu on Great Queen Street!


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