The Weekly Munch, 13-19 Feb 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Grant: I have to say I took a bit of a Valentine’s short cut this year. To be fair, I was busy most of the 13th due to a Christmas gift from my parents (an Italian cooking course that lead to gnocchi meltdown, but the left over carpaccio was great). So this year, I got a cake from Cutter & Squidge. (See Yee Gan’s review here.) I’m known for my dislike of most British cakes, so I was incredibly glad to find the cakes here were better than most. It looked gorgeous, and it went down a treat with plenty left over to eat during the week. It was a tad drier than the cakes in the shop, but overall me and my partner were incredibly happy with it!

Yee Gan: Although Emma and I do celebrate Valentine’s Day in a not-overboard manner, we eschew restaurants in favour of a home-cooked meal. This year, the main course was sous-vide duck, mash, honey-glazed carrots, spiced plums and a red wine sauce. Watch out for a forthcoming series on home sous vide cooking…

Daniel: Another manic Monday comes round again and we all find ourselves in desperate need of caffeine, don’t we… Well I do. With a new coffee shop opening on my route into work, it seemed the perfect time to try out Sista Barista. I do love their suitcase display showing crisps. And then there’s the coffee – they use Nude Espresso, a green coffee that has an intense but not overly bitter flavour. Even the latte has a little caffeine hit that keeps even the most resilient of coffee drinkers (me) going through until lunchtime.

Daniel: Time for the first of the Boozy Bunch’s PR events this week. This one was a new restaurant/ bar opening in Westminster – Low, Slow & Juke. They specialise in slow-cooking their meat for 16 hours at low temperature to give a really smoky, juicy flavour. The cocktails had a bit of smoke and spice in them too! Check out the press review for full details and see what we thought of one of their eating areas – The Meating Room?!

Jules: I had a meeting outside of my office. Yes, once in a while they release me from the basement and let me see the world. This time around I was near London Bridge and popped into Absolutely Starving! for some lunch. How could I resist that cake display in the window. The food looked delicious, but the atmosphere was a bit cramped. The labels for the food are tiny and I was constantly in the way while trying to read them. I decided to go for salad and a cookie. Sadly there were no signs on the salads and I picked one with tuna in it. Bah tuna.

Andrew: I headed to Native in Covent Garden to test out its menu during the soft launch with Grant. Native’s focus is on presenting locally sourced ingredients in a unique way. This meant we had a lot of rhubarb and venison, but given that we enjoyed every dish (which is rare for any resto let alone one that’s not fully launched!) it’s definitely going on the recommend list. It’s simple, it works, and the prices are easy on the wallet.


Sanj: I caught up with some friends at Pizza East, Shoreditch; the lively atmosphere was the perfect setting for a Friday evening meet-up. I was glad we booked ahead as it was rammed as always. Cocktails were great, pizzas were good, but desserts were a let-down – look out for a full review coming soon!


What a week! Have you got any food and drink highlights from the last 7 days? Share them with us in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your favourites for a future review…

Check out last week’s Munch here.

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