Not my cup of tea – Afternoon Tea at the Hilton London, Euston

It’s one of the greatest things to go to Afternoon Tea with some old friends. I have such old friends. “Yeah!” to me. We know each other since the 6th grade…I think. I would need to ask one of them to be sure, as their memory is better than mine.

I had two of these friends over from Germany for a short visit and we did all the usual tourist things: going around in the London Eye, a proper English Breakfast in a greasy spoon and of course … Afternoon Tea! After having such a great experience with the Afternoon Tea at Hunter486 I used the same website to look up a venue. The one offered at the Hilton Hotel near Euston Square seemed really nice. Very traditional, but with a neat price (£17.50 pp).

We decided to go with two classic afternoon tea sets and one savoury.

The Woburn Classic included Lemon tart, Carrot cake with walnuts, Scones with clotted cream & jams, tea flavoured Victoria sponge with vanilla cream and sandwiches with the following fillings: Smoked salmon & cream cheese, cucumber & tomato and the standard ham & cheese. Sandwiches were surrounded by crisps.  Is that traditional? It seemed more like a thing they would do in a pub, but not in a nice Hotel restaurant. All in all the selection was ok, but very boring. My friends still liked it. I guess it best to start with a normal, plain afternoon tea and then work your way up to a really good one. Right? Riiiight? Sigh … no, I cannot argue away my disappointment. I was hoping for better for my friends and for myself.

We were sitting in the Woburn Restaurant which is a big glass conservatory, but sadly we were the only guests that afternoon. It’s a bit eerie, being the only ones sitting in such a large restaurant. It put me off the whole experience a bit. I admit it’s not a very expensive Afternoon Tea, but the whole thing was just not up to par.
A note on the side … tea cups and plates were not matching the tiered stands. It was obvious enough to be noticed, but not obvious enough to feel like it was a design feature. Distressing.
Verdict: Avoid . Even if you are on a budget, I would not advice you to go this place.

Hilton London Euston Hotel
Address: 17-18 Upper Woburn Pl, London WC1H 0HT

Woburn Place Dining Room - Hilton London Euston Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Square Meal

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  1. pinkiebag says:

    What a shame that your afternoon tea wasn’t as hoped. I have to agree it does look more like pub sandwiches, although this could be unfair to some pubs. I would personally expect more from a Hilton as well, Chloe.


    1. Jules says:

      thanks for the comment. I agree. Some pub are serving some very decent food, but the Hilton should aspire for a higher standard. I guess the low quality was the reason that we were the only ones there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. pinkiebag says:

        Indeed I think it speaks volumes that you were the only guests.


      2. Jules says:

        Yeah. Next Afternoon Tea i want to try is in Ham Yard Hotel. I heard it’s really nice.


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