The Weekly Munch, 20-26 Feb 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Sanj: I might get into trouble for boozy brunching without the rest of the Bunch, but a friend’s birthday called for bottomless bubbles! The Botanist on Broadgate Circle delivered it with superb service, value for money and the biggest mussels I’ve ever eaten. Full review coming soon – and don’t worry Bunchers, I’m happy to go again!


Grant: I had some friends visiting, and they wanted Indian, so I took them to Rasa W1 in Mayfair. One of them swears he’s never had good Indian food, so I was really glad when they both enjoyed the meal there. There will be a full review coming soon, but feast your eyes on some of the selection of food we had while we were there!

Bread, rice and lamb, chicken and fish curries.

Grant: My husband is away, and I saw a last minute tweet from my favorite restaurant in London, Kitchen Table, saying that they had four seats available for a special guest chef. The guest chef was Gareth Ward from Ynyshir Hall in Wales. Since my only other option for the night seemed to be going home and cleaning, I quickly snatched up one of the seats (because that’s not really a hard choice). I may have had one of the best meals I’ve had in London as everything was executed perfectly, and it was an interesting blend of Asian/Welsh flavors on the plate. My favorite course was probably the Welsh Wagyu 1 2 3 4 which turned out to be wagyu cooked four different ways. Onion braised in the fat with some cooked fat on top, a wagyu burger, wagyu salt beef and even a fudge made out of the fat! I may have to beg forgiveness from my husband, but maybe I’ll make it up to him. Perhaps a trek out to Wales is in our future…

Bella: When I found myself in Kings Cross looking for somewhere to eat I decided to try out Caravan after hearing some of the other Bunchers rave about it. It did not disappoint with excellent service, delicious food and a good selection of small plates. The rhubarb crumble with chamomile ice cream in particular caught my eye, and it was truly scrumptious.


Bella: Grant’s search for a great Mexican restaurant in London has led to a number of Boozy Bunch outings, but none have resulted in such a resounding success. Mole Taco Bar impressed us so much with the guacamole that we were tempted to just order more of that for mains and puds. Luckily we didn’t as there were more incredible offerings to come, including empanadas, ceviche and anticuchos, but to hear more about them you will have to wait for the full review which is coming soon.

Vicky: I’ve been having a pajeon craving this week and I must say I was incredibly surprised quite how easy it is to make at home (and tasted fantastic with some much missed XO sauce my mum brought me from HK!) I paired it with an aubergine and chorizo kimchi stew- what better way to banish colds and that ‘Feburary feeling’ (and the fact that it is the easiest thing to make- everest. The secret? We add a bit of concentrated chicken stock to absolutely everything.  That bottle of gold is HK’ers answer to umami).

Jules: Friday is a good day, because 1) it’s Friday  and 2) my job is paying for lunch.  Hurray! This time around we had it delivered from Babaji Pide. It’s one of our favourites. You get all the good stuff like halloumi, samphire, cacik and fresh salads, plus the pide. We had the kiymali pide and another with caramelised onions and walnuts. Every time we order I tell myself I have to go to their restaurant and try it when it still hot. It must be pure heaven.


Have you tried any memorable food and drink during the last 7 days? Share them with us in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your favourites for a future review…

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  1. You may find my ebook on blogging useful. It contains all the things I wish I had known when starting out. This year I was shortlisted as London blogger of the year and have over 21,000 subscribers. Thank you David


  2. Yeegan says:

    Grant, what does fat fudge taste of? Was it sweet or savoury?


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