BOBO Social

I’ve known about BOBO Social for awhile. It’s near my work in Fitzrovia, and I’m a fan of burgers, so it’s been on my list. However, I just never managed to make it. Something always came up. I needed a place to go with some friends as we had a day out in London planned (they live in Horsham, so they like to make as much use out of London as they can if they are coming in). So I suggested it as a place to grab lunch.

My partner and I arrived a bit early, and we were shown to our table. There was only two other people in the restaurant the entire time we were there. The tables are a bit strange. They’re slightly small. They look pretty, but the thick legs on the table made sitting a bit awkward. While we were waiting for our friends, we ordered a couple of drinks. I had the The Last Mexican (chili in drinks is always one of my faves), but I got it without agave nectar because it sounded like it would just make things too sweet. My partner had the Old Cuba which was like a less sweet mojito. They were both really good, so the cocktails were leading out to a great start.

Once our friends arrived, we made a decision about the food. I went for the lobster and crab burger, my partner had the Debauchery (with truffles and wagyu beef). One of our friends ordered the experimental burger, which was a mix of antelope and beef. But she added egg and bacon, because she loves fried eggs on burgers. We also split several sides: chips, sweet potato chips, bacon with chili chocolate fondue, apple slaw and fried pickles. The fries were some of the best I’ve had. The sweet potato chips were okay. The bacon and chocolate was really interesting and presented nicely. The fried pickles were disappointing. The apple slaw was extremely crisp and tasty.

Burgerwise, things were okay. My lobster and crab burger was nice, but it wasn’t anything special. I tried a bite of the debauchery, and it was really tasty, but the burger itself was cooked quite well done, which is disappointing; it would have been much better if it was medium rare. Our friends really seemed to enjoy their burgers, so I guess that’s something. I mean, I can’t say there was much wrong with it, but it wasn’t that exciting either.

We went for some of the dessert cocktails after the meal was over (and possibly a banoffee pie in a jar). We had a selection of four: Almond Joy, Espresso Martini, Lemon Sherbet and Blackberry Bramble. All four were really delicious, and I’m not usually a fan of sweet cocktails (but I just tried to view it as dessert). The banoffee pie was apparently very good.

The atmosphere was great. The decor is a bit odd, but they were playing a great selection of music, which we commented on several times during the meal. The service was slightly slow. Drinks took ages, and the food also seemed to take forever, even though we were the only ones there. It wasn’t abnormally long, but it just seemed like it took longer than it should for most things. So sadly, BOBO Social was a bit of a disappointment. The burgers weren’t good enough to convince me to come back. Some of the sides were nice, and the cocktails were fantastic. So I’d definitely come back for those, but the food didn’t wow me at all. It’s unlikely I’d be back given the plethora of restaurants in London.

Food: ★★☆☆
Service: ★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★
Value: ★★☆☆☆
Overall: ★★★

Bobo Social
95 Charlotte Street, W1T 4PZ

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