Pedler, Peckham – Is being twee and cute good enough for brunch?

Peckham slowly but surely is becoming the little Hipster brother to grown up Dulwich. In addition to Franks and Copeland Park we now have a hairdresser called Blue Tit, a new Vietnamese place that does bao buns and a few breakfast places that do more than just breaded chicken and baked beans.


Meet Pedler: it’s located between Peckham Rye Park and Peckham High Street, not far from East Dulwich. It’s not on a stretch of road that I would normally go down, but I noticed it while exploring my neighbourhood. From the outside it looks rather cute. The big window is set back a bit from the street and has some benches and little tables with ashtrays – a courtesy for the rare smoker. The inside is decorated like a French bistro and dominated by a large marble counter with quite a few knickknacks on it. All in all, the cafe gives the impression of being cobbled together with my Granny’s old china. Twee.

I arrived without reservation and was put on a waiting list by a very cute waitress. The French impression persisted. Seats at the bar counter became available in 10min while I was waiting outside for my friend. The menu looked really good and we got some tap water as soon as we set down. Sadly it didn’t go so well for the rest of the meal. The waitresses walked past us for a good 15min and we had to flag one down in the end. We both ordered coffee and a burrito with angry scrambled eggs, black-eyed beans and coriander rice to get over the Saturday night hangover. The coffee seemed to take forever, but was OK in the end. The burrito arrived on mismatched plates (mine had a cat on it) and was very small and very dry. I felt something crunchy in it and it turned out to be the beans. Who ever heard of crunchy beans in a burrito? Also not a very lot of beans. The scrambled eggs were very spicy, but the rice had no taste of coriander. It was basically scrambled eggs in a tortilla, with a sprinkle of rice and some crunchy beans. Very disappointing all the way round.


But we had a good time chatting. The cafe was cute, the guests were polite and maybe it was just the burritos they had problems with. We decided – I never thought I would say this – that one burrito was not enough to cure a hangover and that we had to try the cocktails. I had the barrel-aged Negroni and my friend went with the Peck’em Martini. Mine was fairly OK, but my friend was complaining that her drink was too sweet and requested some extra lime juice. We also ordered doughnuts with chocolate sauce and some other stuff on it. As you can see on the picture, it didn’t turn out very pretty. Under all that chocolate sauce the doughnut wasn’t the freshest. I have to say it was a rather disappointing meal. The drinks were OK, but nothing to write home about it. The very cute and very nice waitress was calling after us when we left and told us to come back agai. I could just hear my friend mutter: “Most unlikely.” That sums it up.

58 Peckham Rye, SE15 4RJ

Pedler Peckham Rye Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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