Press Visit: Number 90 Bar and Kitchen’s 2nd Birthday Extravaganza

I was lucky enough to be invited to Number 90 Bar and Kitchen’s 2nd birthday party. It’s a day event spanning from March 17-March 20. I got to attend the first night festivities (and considering this post went out on March 18, it’s not really that surprising). A guest and I headed all the way to Hackney Wick to check it out. We were greeted with a goody bag and a glass of bubbly and shown our way inside to check out the space.

It’s quite a big space with a good sized bar and a lot of bartenders there to get you your drinks. We got to check it out (as we got there early, and it hadn’t filled up yet). We decided to get a couple of cocktails to start as well, so we went with an Espresso Martini and a Honey Paloma. The cocktails themselves were a bit sweet for my liking, but they did go down quite well.

We stood around a bit, enjoying the music, the drinks and the atmosphere. We were then told about the food menu, and since we were both quite hungry, we decided to have a seat and have some food. (And maybe another cocktail or two). We had the steak and chips and the chorizo burger with sides of mac and cheese and sweet potato fries. And this time we went for a Fish Island Ice Tea and the 90 Ways to Happiness.

The food was pretty decent for the price. The steak was really tasty. Both the chips and sweet potato fries were fluffy and delicious. The Mac and Cheese was a little bit disappointing, but we still ate it. And a person can never go wrong with chorizo. Finally, I decided that to really celebrate a birthday party, a bottle of Prosecco was in order. So I picked up a bottle and headed out to the patio to have some bubbly and enjoy the fresh air.

I definitely enjoyed the outside area, and I imagine in the summer sitting out on the canal would be a great way to spend the evening. I really loved the people watching out there while having some bubbly and chatting. After our Prosecco, we unfortunately had to call it an early night, as we had another birthday party to attend! (What can I say, we’re popular people!) On the way out, we grabbed a slider that was being handed out. I have to say after that, I wish I ordered a burger! Very tasty!

All in all, the party was a fabulous one with good food, good drinks and great people enjoying themselves. It’s a great venue, especially if you live in the area (I don’t, so it’s hard to say how many times I’ll be back.) And luckily, (at least at the time of writing this), the party is still going on. (Friday March 18 from 6 pm to 4 am, Saturday March 19 from 6 pm to 4 pm and Sunday March 20 from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm). So if you feel the need to wander down and celebrate, I’m sure they will be happy to see you! Happy Birthday Number 90! Hope the next year is as good as the last two…


P.S. I totally ate some of the candy on the way home. And I definitely forgot about my hangover cure which I was definitely in need of.

Number 90 Bar and Kitchen
90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, E9 5LN

N.90 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Square Meal

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  1. forkwardthinkingfoodie says:

    Hi great post! I too am a fellow blogger, but in the very early stages! Currently, working my way through blogs to hopefully get started with linking in with other bloggers for support and gain more traffic and reach more people. Do have a peek at my blog, if you have the time. thank you Melanie 🙂


    1. Grant says:

      Thanks for checking us out! We mostly do London-based locations, but we do review other places from around the UK/World at times as well! Good luck!

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      1. forkwardthinkingfoodie says:

        Hi thank you for replying. I visit London too, but not as much as I would like these days! My main location is Manchester. Keep in touch and good luck too


  2. forkwardthinkingfoodie says:

    Hi, sorry to pester, but wondered if you could help me out? Totally new at this! You followed my blog yesterday, but I have changed the name of my blog today, as I wanted it to not be restricted to one city. Do you lose followers when you change the blog name, as you are no longer there?! Btw its cool if you no longer want to follow, but just trying to sort out my state of confusion here 🙂 Thank you in advance


  3. forkwardthinkingfoodies says:

    Apologies for the endless comments, I have had a right pickle trying to make sure my blog name matches my address. I think that I have finally resolved this! Do join the blog and hope you enjoy my upcoming posts 🙂


  4. Hi it is Melanie here, Can I apologise Grant for my previous pickle! My first blog was a muddle, so deleted it and started a fresh. So glad I did, as it looks much better! I would appreciate your support and following as a fellow blogger and hopefully this time it will be much smoother! Thank you kindly and I look forward to your upcoming posts 🙂


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