The Weekly Munch, 12-18 Mar 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Vicky: I’ve been experimenting with making my own chocolates after observing some  artisan chocolate shops using premade chocolate chips instead of making their own chocolates bean-to-bar.  Curses of open kitchen eh? On the run up to Easter, I’ve been perfecting my tempering and moulding techniques and started making chocolate eggs. Shiny!

Sanj: After a good old-fashioned girly sleepover at a friend’s that had us sitting up chatting until the early hours, I was in need of a caffeine-based pick-me-up on Sunday morning. A beautifully smooth latte from The Coffee Traveller in Brentford Market, served out of the back of their quirky trailer, was just the thing to sip in the sunshine as I waited for the bus.


Grant: I had to run out for some errands over lunch, so I stopped into Smack Lobster to grab a quick lunch. I got the Mexican Lobster Roll and Lobster soup. The soup was warm and slightly spicy, and the lobster roll was really tart with just the right amount of heat! I’ll be back to try some of the other rolls!

Grant: I needed to replace some shoelaces so I ran down to The OC on my lunch break. While I didn’t manage to find any shoelaces (I just ended up ordering online later), I did manage to find myself at Bone Daddies eating some delicious Tantanmen ramen. I mean Bone Daddies did end up winning Ramen Wars

Yee Gan: I hit the newly relaunched Pitt Cue in Spitalfields. It’s bigger, better and bolder than their old Soho location. My favourite dish was the Mangalitza pork shoulder chop. Read my full review next Wednesday.

Grant: Today I got to go to the opening night of Number 90 Bar and Kitchen’s birthday bash. They’ve got a whole weekend thing going on with music, fun and surprises. I got to try some of the cocktails and food, and I had a great time! Happy Birthday! (You can read more about it here).

Jules: It’s Friday again and my gallery is rolling out … the Sushi! I’m not a big fan of fish or seafood, but it looks so pretty when it arrives. We ordered from Umai, which is located inside the Japan Centre and they deliver on time and with enough wasabi, ginger and soy sauce to go around the table twice.  We also added tempura vegetables for the vegetarians. It’s aubergine, sweet potato and potato. I found a few stray asparagus in there as well. For the fish lovers we had the Fuji and the Sakura platter as well as some of the noodle salads. Yes, I know … it looked like we had everything from the delivery menu. It was all delicious.


Reviews from the week…
Have you tried Korean Fried Chicken yet? Andrew found just the place for you to give it a go at Chick’n’Sours, and great value for money it is too. Or maybe you’ve got an excuse to splurge on a Michelin starred meal like Grant did at Le Gavroche? And in case you missed it, Vicky found a slice of Paris hidden in plain sight at new restaurant Frenchie in Covent Garden this week (and almost ended up in a stranger’s lap!).

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you had any memorable food and drink moments in the last 7 days? Share them with us in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your favourites for a future review…

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