Lunchtime lobster: Fraq’s Lobster Shack

First came the burritos, then the burgers, then the lobster revolution. Before a couple of years ago, you couldn’t get a lobster anything in London without dropping some serious cash. Now, with Burger and Lobster restaurants opening at the rate of Prets on a high street, lobster is readily available and much more affordable. But just because you can get it, doesn’t mean you should.

We visited Fraq’s Lobster Shack on Goodge Street today for a quick lunch. It was almost 1pm when I went in to grab a seat. Normally I would expect a lobster place or any kind of trendy burger joint to be packed but there was plenty of seating. Probably not a great sign.

2016-02-17 12.57.47

I did love the funny little lobster joke images on the wall and it has a friendly, relaxed vibe. We took a look at the menu and, of course, had to order the lobster rolls. The waitress recommended we order the larger rolls, which she said were twice the size. However, the small rolls are £10.95 as it is and I’m not made of lobster dollars. We also ordered the combo of sides, two for £5.95 and got the courgette fritters and Fraq’s fries.

2016-02-17 13.11.31

On first glance, the rolls are so very very small. That’s essentially £11 worth of sandwich, apparently. Wow. Having eaten it, I was so terribly disappointed. I really wanted to like this place but it is basically a brioche filled to the brim with lettuce and a few sprinkles of lobster pieces. There was very little lobster, it was all lettuce and some mayo. That is just a very bad deal. If you take a look at my companion’s plate, there was even less lobster on hers. If the sandwich included fries, then maybe it would be fine, but the sides are either £2.95 or £3.95 extra, making a meal about £14 minimum before tip or drinks.

2016-02-17 13.11.49

In terms of the sides, the Fraq’s fries were pretty good and a bit greasy, just the way you want them. However, the courgette ‘fritters’, which were essentially fries, were not. They were quite dry and just lacklustre. I love the courgette fries at Byron and they were nowhere near as good.

2016-02-17 13.12.09

In total, this was about £40 worth of food and I am afraid I couldn’t recommend it. They really need to step up their game in terms of the lobster rolls themselves and the sides. It’s much too expensive for what it is. The staff were lovely and it is a very nicely designed restaurant.

2016-02-17 13.12.22

Rating: 2/5.

Fraq’s Lobster Shack
55 Goodge Street,
London W1 1TQ

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