Homeslice with my homies

Sometimes you find a group of friends so crazy that after you visit a restaurant, you have to think, ‘well, I guess I can never show my face there again’. That’s one quarter of the Boozy Bunch crew and some of my absolute favourite people to go to dinner with. They are raucous, crazy and downright damn photogenic.

For our first dinner as a troublesome foursome, we decided to visit the Fitzrovia branch of Homeslice. We had already started the night with a couple of cocktails at the nearby branch of London Cocktail Club so were understandably giggly. This was my second visit to Homeslice and just like the first, the front of house service was questionable at best. They seem to have a difficult time with seating guests and were rather confused as to whether they had a table available or not. At first they said no, then they went to check and there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and eventually they decided they could seat us. This also happened the first time I visited. I like to think of this as  a charming side effect of eating here and the pizza is so amazing that I just don’t care.


When we grabbed our seats, Grant accidentally shouted at the waitress, and for this, we decided we needed to spend the rest of the night apologising. A magnum of red wine was delivered and we settled into deciding on what to order. At Homeslice, you can order by the slice or you can order a 20 inch pizza and it’s served on a giant pizza slider.

I am a huge fan of the mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli and would happily have ordered two of those giant beasts, but the others were feeling more adventurous and rightly so. Homeslice offers a variety of really interesting combinations and you should try them all. The pizzas are huge and you can get half and half for £20 each. We decided on half mushroom and half goat shoulder with savoy cabbage and sumac yoghurt. And one with half haggis with leek, potato and charred radicchio and half braised brisket with carrot.

2016-02-04 19.48.02

Look how happy Vicky looks. That’s goat shoulder happiness. I wish I was eating it right now because it truly is phenomenal. The highlight for me was, of course, the mushroom but the goat shoulder is fantastic as well and the combination just works really well together.


Did I mention how photogenic this group is? Well, this was the night of beautiful people and beautiful selfies. Okay, maybe just some blurry and embarrassing narcissism.

2016-02-04 20.14.45-1

How about that pizza though? It was time for more tiny glasses of red wine and the next round of pizza. Haggis time. Wait, who decided that was a good decision to order? It was not my favourite but never mind, how cute does Vicky look eating that brisket?

Jokes about my Irishness abounded but I just did not like the potato and leek base of the haggis pizza. I do appreciate trying something different but probably wouldn’t order it again. The brisket was a hit with everyone, but to be honest, the Homeslice veggie options are so good that you don’t even need meat.


We skulled the rest of the magnum of wine, I blame Grant, and hollered for the bill. It didn’t arrive but we eventually flagged down another waitress, flirted shamelessly with her and took some more selfies. When the bill did arrive, it belonged to another table and not ours, so we needed to politely tell the waitress that she was mistaken. Eventually the bill was paid and we exited as gracefully and decorously as we had arrived. That’s what happened, right guys?

I love Homeslice, their service is haphazard and cheerful and their pizza is incredible. They know how to have a laugh with their guests and you’ll definitely have a great time.

Homeslice Wells Street
52 Wells Street
London W1T 3PR

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