Orchid 54 Bar & Bistro, Enfield

I’ve lived in Enfield for over five years now, and usually if we want to go someplace nice, we’ll head into central London somewhere. Enfield has its fair share of decent restaurants, and if we’re ever going out with friends in the area, we’ll usually go to one of them. But I wouldn’t really define them as “nice”. (Perhaps I just have very skewed standards.) So for months, we would pass by Orchid 54, and I would say “Oh we should try that!” Given most of the other restaurants in the area, my partner really didn’t seem to have much interest, even with the giant “Wine Bar” signs outside. So I just kind of looked longingly and wondered if we’d ever get to try it.

Enfield has also recently had a lot of Turkish restaurants open up. So when a bunch of drunk guys decided to go to one on the other side of town, we actually ended up making it halfway and stopping here. Mostly because one of our friends said he had been a few times and really enjoyed it. I think my partner’s interests were finally piqued, and we tried it for the first time.

We’ve been back at least twice since then as well. On our last trip, we came here with some friends on a Friday night and tried a few things off the menu. They also have a very extensive wine menu, and since we have usually had a few pints before arriving, we do avoid the bottom of the wine list, as that’s where the expensive bottles are. We do keep promising to go and try some, but we’ve found a great mid range bottle we love, so it’s hard not to just keep ordering it. Maybe someday…

I started with the baked goat’s cheese (as my partner isn’t a huge fan, I often find myself ordering it at restaurants). My partner ordered his usual of the braised ox cheeks (because they are incredibly tasty). Our friends opted for the crab. I really enjoyed my goat’s cheese, but I was a bit envious of the cheeks, because I know they are fantastic. There were no complaints about the crab either.

For main courses, we all ordered something different. I went for the calves’ liver (because I absolutely love liver). My partner had the pork belly. Our friends decided on the fillet steak and the duck confit. My liver was perfectly cooked, incredibly tasty and came with some great parsley mash on the side. I really couldn’t fault it. I tried some of the pork belly with cabbage. Also a pretty stellar course. I’ve had the steak in the past, so I know it is very well prepared, and our friend really enjoyed his.

We were a bit too full for dessert, but ended up splitting a cheese plate. The cheese was not your usual selection of cheeses, and it was a bit cold. Unfortunately, some of them weren’t to our liking, but the cheese plate was huge and the four of us had a problem finishing it.


All in all, I’m incredibly glad such a great new restaurant has opened up in Enfield. Enfield has never been that exciting culinarily, and it’s great to see that the spread of foodieism is moving out our way. Currently, whenever anyone suggests dinner in Enfield, my first suggestion is “Orchid 54?” Hopefully Orchid 54 will continue to come up with great seasonal dishes for us to try throughout the year. And hopefully someday, we’ll go crazy with the wine!

Food: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Atmosphere: ★★★
Value: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★★☆

Orchid 54 Bar & Bistro
45 Church Street, Enfield, EN2 6AJ

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