Yasar Halim – A Turkish Bakery in Green Lanes

For a while I lived near Wood Green in North London, and I was quite happy there. It has a rough outer shell, but it can be a really nice spot. Green Lanes was a favourite of mine, as it offered a few very good Turkish restaurants as well as shops and supermarkets . In the last years it has become a bit overrun with turkish restaurants and supermarkets and lacks the diversity I would like in a good High Street. Saying this, I’m aware that most English High Streets are populated by the same 5 chain stores and do not boost a lot of diversity.

I still like walking down Green Lanes every time I go and visit my friends in that area. One thing that hasn’t changed is Yasar Halim. The shop has a supermarket section and a Bakery section. You are allowed to move between the two, but you get told off if you are trying to pay for bread from the Bakery on the Supermarket side. Same for the different sides in the actual bakery. If you take it from the tray on the left… you pay on the left. No walking around with the goods. Strict rules are in place.

To be honest … it’s not really a shop where you make friends … maybe you could if you speak Turkish. But I don’t mind a bit of plain talk if it gets me Lokma. It’s my favourite at the moment: Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and coated with a sugar syrup, leaving you with sticky fingers. The picture of the Lokma is a bit blurred, as I was told off for taking pictures. In the end you just have to trust me or  go yourself and try some of these treats yourself.

Second on my favourite list is Borek (börek), which is a savory kind of flattened croissant….with spinach and cheese in it.  As this description looks ridiculous I just looked up what it’s made of and found out that they use yufka: “a paper-thin flatbread baked from a simple dough made from water, flour, and salt. The yufka encases a savory fillings made with meat, spinach, cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, potato, and other ingredients”. Now we all know.

And to finish my counting … in 3rd place: the bread (name unknown) with Haloumi pieces and black olives in it. How could you not like bread that has these two amazing ingredients in it? It’s so yummy!

They also have all kinds of baklava, cookies, cakes and other turkish breads. Do come and visit this place. Even though the service can be a bit rough some times, the goods are worth it.

Yasar Halim
493 Green Lanes, Harringay
London, N4 1AL
Tel: 020 8348 1074


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