Found – 10 boozy brunchers

Who doesn’t love discovering brand new bars? Well almost all of the Boozy Bunch. One Saturday in April my boyfriend and I found ourselves outside Found with a little time to spare. Situated right next to Casita, you could almost miss this place. But spot the doorway, listen out for the clink of glasses and the sound of laughter carried up the stairs and you’ve found yourself a little something almost-secret. I couldn’t resist being lured into descending down the steps to see for myself.

2016-04-09 18.22.15

Since we were early to meet the rest of the Boozy Bunchers, it seemed almost criminal not to pull up a stool and settle in for a drink. Found has that classic dark wood, low lighting ‘speakeasy’ style that’s so popular in London these days. It seats 60, so you can pull up a pew at the bar or enjoy a more intimate table service in the back.

2016-04-09 18.22.00

Found describes itself as ‘no gimmicks, just good service, banter and great booze’ and the drinks menu seemed to be the start of their split personality. First of all, hands up if you know what ‘gomme’ ‘wray’ or ‘cynar’ are? We didn’t so just ordered whatever we understood the most ingredients of: a ling nuts and a sloe-ly does it. The drinks take a while to make so our plan to have a ‘quick one’ fell on its face.

2016-04-09 18.21.09

As we waited for the bartender to serve our drinks, we asked how long it had been open. Only 6 months, so definitely still a feather for your cap if you show it off to your friends. The owner Oscar had been a former bartender at upstairs Casita, which is a Boozy Bunch favourite (of everyone but me). I prefer cocktails to shots.

While we sipped our drinks, the rest of the Boozy Bunch descended and chaos ensued. They don’t half know how to bring a party, let me tell you. We had warned Oscar and Joe, the bartenders, that our rambunctious friends were arriving and to gird themselves. But no one is ever quite prepared for us.


While the drinks were lovely and not too overly priced at £9 each, the service does let this place down. They seem to think they are friendly and have ‘banter’ but to be honest, it feels like they may have been librarians rather than bartenders before this. In the immortal words of Destiny’s Child, ‘I don’t think they ready for this jelly’.

We were shushed as a group and then individually Grant was shushed and told to be quiet a number of times, even though there were two other groups there laughing loudly also. He promptly threw a Mariah Carey sized diva strop and stormed out. Meekly followed by the rest of us. Straight on up to Casita.

Found might be nice for a date but it’s probably not for groups. If you go, tell them the Mezcal Guy’s Husband sends his regards.

You can find Found at:

5 Ravey Street


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