Small, but impressive Farmers Market at Royal Arsenal Riverside, London

First thing first: Nobody will blame you if you don’t know where exactly the Royal Arsenal Riverside is. Nobody. Trust me. I only found this place because I was looking at a  new housing development around Woolwich Arsenal.  Although Woolwich Dockyards has a rather bad rep, its next door neighbour Arsenal seems to be  considered as OK. As I was looking into living in this area, I was having a snoop around the area and first I found these amazing sculptures called Assembly by Peter Burke near the Woolwich Pier.


Not far away from that you can find the bi-monthly Farmers Market (2nd & last Sat of the month), which is organised by the Hop Stuff Brewery and Royal Arsenal Riverside Explore (RARE) group. It’s located on the side of the Berkeley Homes Royal Arsenal. My first impression of the market was “uh, not very big”, but after going around the stalls I noticed that it offers a wide range of top quality vendors. The day I was there they had everything from flowers, over muffins, several kinds of alcohol, meats and cheeses and so on. I went around a couple of times, just to make sure I didn’t miss any free tasters.

You can find a whole list of the vendors on the Market’s Facebook page. Or you can just go to the Royal Arsenal and see who turned up. While I was there I had a delicious juice by The Cherry Berry Co and tried a strange but pleasant gin concoction from Gin Tales. But there were so many more options, like having a beer from the Hop Stuff Brewery or getting some yummy looking Greek food from Greekelicious by Julia. Sadly, after I tried a few tasters I was not really hungry and did not eat there. Half an hour later, I really regretted that decision. So children … listen to your old Auntie Jules … if you like the look of the food: go for it!

Sadly, this Farmers Market isn’t anywhere near my home, so getting there would involve a tremendous amount of willpower.  I would need to get out of bed earlier than usual/anticipated/planned on a Saturday to get there by lunch time. I will definitely keep it in mind if I ever need to show relatives or friends from overseas around again. The market is not far from the riverside and would make a good midway stop for an extended walk. Sometime in the far future I’m also considering exploring the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels and this would be something worth walking towards.

The Market, as well as RARE and the Brewery, are fairly active on Social Media, so check out their facebook and Twitter accounts to see whats going on.



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