Dip & Flip, or That South London burger joint I always talk about but never, ever get to

I remember my first visit to Dip & Flip. It was December 2013, and I was visiting my friends who live in South London for the day. It was some sort of small party or something, and we were playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking. We headed over to Dip & Flip because I had been wanting to try their burger for ages, but as a “Norf Landana”, I rarely find myself in Clapham or Battersea. It just takes me ages to get home. But we went to Dip & Flip, and it was amazing, but because of it’s location I don’t get to have it very often. (Although I did get to have one at their pop-up at the South Pole Saloon in December, so it appeased me for awhile.)

Well, as I still do have friends that live in South London, we decided to spend the day in South London. (It’s a bit hard to do sometimes, as Linzi insists she needs to bring her passport with her whenever she comes.) So we met up for a Dim Sum lunch, and then we just relaxed all day, with plans for Dip & Flip for dinner. The venue itself isn’t very exciting, a bit more function over fashion as it’s there primarily for people to eat very messy burgers and leave drenched in gravy. In case you didn’t know, everything here is served with gravy. Because gravy makes everything better.

Since we had eaten more dim sum than any group of people should eat (although we were tempted to order more!), we decided a light dinner was in order. We ordered two burgers and an order of fries to share them between three people. Since we were also all in various stages of sickness, today was actually a booze-light day. We had to get the signature lamb Dip & Flip burger (a burger with slow cooked lamb and gravy), and we also wanted to give the Patty Melt a try (as an American, I’m always on the lookout for a good Patty Melt). The Dip & Flip burger is a combination of a french dip (slow cooked meat on a roll dipped in gravy) and a burger. I mean, it’s hard to believe that no one has thought of this combination before, right? We also got the poutine (although it’s called fries, cheese and gravy on the menu). I was here with my low spice-level friend and my allergic-to-capsicum friend, but if you aren’t, I highly recommend the poutine + bacon and green chilis. Because it’s flipping (see what I did there?) amazing. (I ordered a side of chilis just for me though).

The food is fabulous. I mean it’s not healthy, but you’re not here for that! The Patty Melt was nice (but it needs some grilled onions to make it amazing). I chucked some chilis on it (because I can). Plus, there is the extra boat of gravy that was great to dip it into. They also use kind of that really-horrible-for-you-but-amazingly-tasty processed squeezy cheese stuff on it. And it’s SO GOOD. The Dip and Flip is really where it’s at though, as the lamb and the beef just melt in your mouth. Plus there’s extra gravy. Because everything here needs that gravy (and if you’re me: green chili). The fries are quite salty, but incredibly moreish, and everyone seemed to enjoy everything. Unfortunately, after that, we kind of decided we needed to try a few more things. Because is two burgers and an order of fries REALLY enough for three people? (In retrospect, it probably was.) We decided to give the fried chicken burger (with cheese because Vicky claims all burgers need cheese) and the squeezy cheese fries a try.

I’m not going to lie, the chicken burger was good, but not as good as the other two burgers we ate. It was a bit more difficult to dip it into the gravy deliciousness, mostly as the chicken doesn’t sop it up as well as the meat does. I’m glad I tried it, as it was crisp and very nice, but even Vicky admitted, the cheese was a bit overkill. You live and learn I guess.  Next time maybe I should just give the regular French Dip a go. The fries were tasty, but in no way compared to the poutine. (Although I feel less bad about dipping these in ketchup and mayo, because I do like regular condiments sometimes). Overall the food wasn’t really expensive, and they don’t tack on a service charge, so you feel good about tipping and the servers get the money directly.

I’m afraid if I lived in South London, I’d be at Dip & Flip way too often. Right now, it’s kind of a treat for when I manage to find myself in an area that’s way too far from where I live. It’s one of my favorite burgers in London (possibly number two, as my number two waffles between this and Tommi’s), but it’s just so hard for me to get to. But if you’re in the area, you should just make a beeline here and smother your world in gravy. Because when you smother your world in gravy, your day just gets that much brighter!

Food: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★★
Atmosphere: ★★★★☆
Value: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★★

Dip & Flip
87 Battersea Rise, SW11 1HW

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