The Weekly Munch, 21-27 May 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Yee Gan: I took Emma out for a belated birthday dinner to Michelin-starred Drakes in the pretty little Surrey village of Ripley. We ate a lovely tasting menu, packed with great flavours and a few surprises along the way. Watch out for a full review soon.

Grant: Dishoom is London’s favorite restaurant! Just ask all the lists! ALL THE LISTS! To me, Dishoom is one of those overhyped places that everyone loves to love for some obscure reason I can’t figure out. And what do they love to love? Apparently it’s the bacon and egg naan rolls. You know what’s insanely better? Homeshoom bacon and egg naan rolls. Sunday morning was bacon and egg naan roll morning at my place. I started out by whipping up some coriander naan bread (which is incredibly easy to even do in a hot pan as who has a tandoori oven at home?). Brush it with some ghee, and you get some shiny, soft, delicious naan. Then I fried up some amazing bacon (which I am going to wax lyrical about in a future blog post – so keep your eyes open!) I used some of that delicious melted ghee to fry up some eggs. I slapped on some mature cheddar and some Stokes Chili Jam to give it some flavor. Add a side of baked beans and you have a Homeshoom naan roll. It’s a foodgasm on a plate (and in your mouth).

Linzi: I don’t think you need to ask who ate all the pies… you already know. A hop, skip and a jump from London is the beautiful city of Canterbury. It was my first time visiting and we popped into the Old Weavers Restaurant for lunch. Dating back to 1500, old is no exaggeration! Sitting right on the banks of the river, I figured it would be a terrible tourist trap and it kind of was. The service was appalling, slow and absent at best. However, their pies are fantastic! For £14.99 you can avail of their Dine and Punt offer: a pie and chips and a trip on the river with the Canterbury Punting Company. I probably would never go back to eat there, or drink, as their beer selection was appalling, but you can’t argue it’s a good deal.


Grant: I’ve been training in Southampton, so I took the opportunity to check out Masterchef winner’s Shelina Permalloo’s restaurant Lakaz Maman. Yee Gan mentioned he hoped that the issues he had with it were teething problems, so I went to report back on the current situation. I had the spicy chicken wings, the octopus curry and shared all the desserts with my fellow diners. The food was nice, but not amazing, with the definite show stoppers being two of the desserts: the yummy cocoa bun and the mango, lime and chocolate slice. I just felt like all the savory dishes needed a bit of a punch. Thank goodness for the jar of spicy goodness on the table as it really added much needed flavor to the curry (but hey, the octopus was perfectly cooked, so that’s something). If you’re in Southampton and interested, it might be worth stopping by, but I don’t think it deserves a special trip (which is unfortunate, I guess I was expecting more from a winner of Masterchef).


Linzi: Newsflash: I don’t shy away from controversial opinions, especially when it comes to food. Wait, that isn’t news at all, is it? Ramen is a dish that is hugely popular with the Boozy Bunch crew, they’ve even had wars over it, but it’s just not for me. As far as I am concerned, it’s just a big wet bowl of wasted calories. But as my father and I were walking through Kingly Court deciding where to eat, he spotted Shoryu and that was that decision made. A side note: he refers to ramen as ‘a bowl of nonsense’ but he loves it and opted for the spiciest, their Karaka Tan Tan Tonkostu. However, he said ‘I’ve had spicier’. I went for their Monday ‘buy one, get one free’ bun special and had the char sui barbecue pork belly.


Look how thick that pork belly is! A squidgy mouthful of soft, pillowy dough surrounding rich meaty goodness and a token sliver of lettuce. Ramen doesn’t stand a chance next to this.


Sanj: I got tickets to a foodie charity event in aid of Action Against Hunger at Street Feast Hawker House, which saw the venue, well-known chefs and even Gary Lineker giving up their time and resources for free to raise an amazing amount of money. It was a great event (unlimited booze always helps!) though a lot of queues but I did get to meet Hamish Brown of Roka fame serving up a great maki, nigiri and tataki trio, and got starry-eyed spotting the likes of Nuno Mendes and Jose Pizarro at their stands. The lamb vindalho on black charcoal naan from Rola Wala left me unable to feel my face it was so spicy, but some Snickers brownie bites with salted caramel sauce from Bad Brownie soon put the fire out!



Bella: Currently in Indonesia and all of the food here is amazing! Gili Air has provided an overwhelming range of healthy options, that are so delicious you would have no idea they are so virtuous. Captain Coconuts opened only a couple of months ago but I have no doubt that they will be around for a long time to come with delicious options such as the dragonfruit bowl, bean nachos and buckwheat pancakes not to mention the amazing range of juices. Everywhere you look there are lovely little touches such as bamboo straws, cloth napkins and cutting fruit into heart shapes ❤️.

Reviews from the week…
Did you catch Bella’s tale of love at first tequila con verdita at Casita Bar? It’s a Bunch favourite! Yee Gan tested out Shackfuyu‘s new permanent home in Soho, Jules found a veggie Sunday Roast in Battersea, and Grant enjoyed the set menu at cosy modern Spanish spot Duende.

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you had any memorable food or drink in the last 7 days? Or maybe you’ve tried one of our favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your suggestions for a future review…

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