Bird is the word

I’m not going to say that Bird is finger lickin’ good but a lot of finger licking happened and it was not bad. Not bad at all. If you’re a chicken fan, then Bird is definitely worth a visit. This was my second time at the Highbury and Islington branch of Bird, they are also in Shoreditch and Camden.

Aside from its garish, Easyjet orange colour scheme, I quite like the set up of this venue and its American diner style aspirations. The menu is very straightforward: chicken. You can get wings, chicken pieces, burgers and waffles. My favourite part of Bird is the sauce selection; the wings and the pieces come with a choice of glaze or sauce. Although the fact that they charge extra for sauce kind of annoys me, why would you want glazed chicken but no sauce to dip? We went for the Wing Wednesday special, which is 12 wings and a beer for £10. We decided on buffalo wings with blue cheese dip, which we paid extra for. Sigh.

2016-05-18 19.19.39

Look at those little tasty wings just begging you to pick them up and strip them clean.  If you eat chicken like me, you’ll need about 12 napkins, some wet wipes and a trip to the dry cleaners after. My boyfriend’s tip: try to pick up the food with one hand and keep the other clean. What kind of sorcery is this?

In addition to the wings, we got the four pieces of chicken, all white meat, for which you pay an extra £2. Are you seeing a theme here?

2016-05-18 19.19.32-1

No meal is complete without an order of fries. Their cheesey korean fries come slathered in american cheese sauce, kewpie mayo and gochujang glaze <<< I have no idea what that is but they are spicy and delicious. A little like patatas bravas but with chips.

2016-05-18 19.19.35

My spice tolerance is that of a newborn baby so everything made my mouth feel on fire, but in a good way, like a dragon smiting unworthy villagers. While I liked the wings, those puny morsels didn’t stand a chance alongside their chicken breast brothers. The four pieces that arrived were a good size and covered in a sweet and sticky honey glaze. If you want to lick the computer screen, I’ll turn away and pretend I didn’t see anything… you pervert.

What would also have been nice was the creamy slaw we ordered but that never arrived. The service at Bird could probably be improved by having actual chickens serve the tables, pour drinks and carry trays in their beaks. Our companions’ burgers arrived first, then our chicken, THEN our drinks, two sides and none of the rest of what we ordered. When we flagged the waiter down, he looked perplexed and said ‘Oh I can’t remembered what I ordered for you’. Good work there, pal.

Nowhere is perfect and we were happy to overlook his obvious confusion for the simple fact that the chicken was so, so good.

2016-05-18 20.13.10

Also because they serve ice cream stuffed donuts. Each day they have a choice of two glazed donuts filled with vanilla ice cream and cream. We went for one milk chocolate glaze and one caramel. You’re probably looking at the picture thinking ‘oh I couldn’t possibly eat one of those all to myself’ but really who are you kidding. You’d fall on that like a starving man in the desert.

Is it good value? Probably not. We paid £55 for the two of us for the 12 wings, 4 pieces of chicken, 1 beer, 2 small glasses of bad wine, the Korean fries and the donut. It’s pricey but delicious.

Find Bird at:
8 Holloway Road,
London N7 8LT

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