Potato Head, Bali

Usually a lot of people telling me to do something leads to me stubbornly never ever doing it as a weirdly unsatisfying point of pride, which is why I have never watched or read any Harry Potter, but as the 5th person told me I had to go to Potato Head when in Bali I decided it was worth seeing what all of the hype was about, and also that I could let my stubbornness can have a holiday sometimes too. It took me about 5 minutes to realise that the hype was mostly about the selfie opportunities and about 3 more to realise that if I can’t beat them then I should join them.

Potato head is a beach club in Seminyak, Bali. There is another branch in Singapore and one opening in Hong Kong this year.

It is a beautiful, beautiful place which a lot of beautiful people frequent. There are three restaurants and two bars and an infinity pool overlooking the beach and Indian ocean, complete with a fully stocked swim up bar. There are sumptuous day beds (which tend to have a queue and a minimum spend) and different menus depending on where you are seated. While the food is reasonably priced by international standards it is around double the price of other nearby restaurants in Bali, although on par with the luxury hotels, and there is a wide choice. The cocktail list is also very extensive, and some of them were really beautifully presented.

I tried the wagyu beef burger as I had heard that this was their speciality. The wagyu beef burger came with a brioche bun, jalapeño cheese and fries. The burger was good, as always it would have been nice to have an option as to how I wanted it cooked and so as I didn’t get one it was more cooked than I would have gone for, but tasty and I liked the jalapeño cheese a lot. The fries were good, skin on and skinny and crispy so a good accompaniment to the burger. I think that in any other setting perhaps I would have had more quibbles with the burger, I guess that it would have been nice to taste the meat more, but with these stunning backdrops, scintillating company, and the abundant sunshine the burger tasted out of this world. I diligently tried a few drinks to be sure and can say they are all delicious! The fresh papaya juice was very tasty and refreshing and the coconut juice was good. But the highlight was what followed, getting into the infinity pool and watching the sunset, while taking a million selfies.

A word on selfies, I am well know for my love of selfies- I have converted many a person from a photo hater to a selfie lover through my “selfie time” where everyone has to send me a selfie of whatever they are doing at that moment (warning: if you are going to try this at home please make sure you are comfortable seeing your friends naked or make a face only requirement). But my love for a spontaneous selfie does not equate to going somewhere beautiful and spending hours taking pictures of myself, so going somewhere where that is all anyone is doing is quite alarming. It was amusing at first but then realising how vain it makes you look made me want to never take a selfie ever again. But then after a while of trying to stay out of everyone’s backgrounds I just gave in and took a few for myself. But when the actual sun was setting I could no longer watch it through a lens and had to down phone and bask in the gorgeous red skies. And because everyone else was looking at themselves and not the sky it was like we had the pool to ourselves – bliss!

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