Four Winters sensational? No, I don’t think so…

I’m a massive ice cream fiend. Pricy, cheap, midrange-as long as it’s tasty, I’d eat it by the bucket load. Hey, I’ve even been known to scoff an entire box of Mars bar ice cream in about 5 minutes flat and have lofty dreams about using them to create some crazy monster of a baked Alaska. I love ice cream. Ok?

Therefore you can probably hear my squeal of excitement when I heard that a new joint is opened up in town this summer. Four Winters hail from sunny Jordan (yes, the country and not any number of other minor celebs that might come up in a pub quiz), and promises to bring us tasty, fresh and delicious ice cream to order using the liquid nitrogen mixing technique.

Look at all that nitrogen freezing my ice cream right in front of my eyes…

Now, the last time I had the pleasure of eating nitro ice cream was at Dinner. Because that’s a “must have” dessert when dining with kids (I am more partial to the tipsy cake); unsurprisingly their ice cream was delicious and I had high hopes for this one.

And well… As disappointing meals (this was my lunch) goes, I suppose Four Winters was unlucky enough to be queued after the cielo blanco/udderlicious debacle/save; plus I already had been to Gelupo that week! I mean, I dream about Udderlicious’ salted dark chocolate sorbet (along with my other favorite flavour, Gelupo’s ricotta and cherry), so my ice cream stomach was pretty much primed for gourmet goodness (sorry/not sorry).

My udderlicious/ Gelupo conquests fared much better…

Tl:dr version: lofty ambitious ice cream shop meets ice cream fanatic who is a bit of an ice cream snob (minus a weakness for mars bar ice creams and double caramel mini magnums).

Well… Sadly, FW didn’t stand for ‘for the win’. I went for the German Chocolate Cake mix (after being really confused by the menu, and realising that there was no ‘tasting’ to be had here) and to be honest, I could most probably do a better job at home- in fact, with my obsession with chocolate, I know I could.

Bottles of ice cream bases lined up to become your very own bowl of ice cream.
Lots of toppings but I just didn’t understand their pricing structure if I wanted to build my own. Shrug.

The ice cream was, as promised very smooth. That’s about all it had going for it. As you can see from the colour, it is not that beautiful mahogany colour you’d find in popular food porn channels (or on Andrew!). So, unsurprisingly, to correspond with it’s uninspiring milky colour, it was sweet and rather bland. The closest approximation I have of this ice cream is that stuff you get in cups from ice cream vans/Asian 7-11? No, you never had any? Get a mars bar ice cream.  You’re really not missing out there. It’s an ice cream for an uneducated 6 year-old in the 80s before gourmet gelato became the norm.

This is not an inspiring bowl of ice cream. You know I’m pretty shallow and instagold food are my besties…


Seriously, I might as well had one of these convenience store ice creams

Let’s move onto the topping. Have you ever seen salted caramel sauce this colour? Me neither. And it tasted as insipid as it looked (nope it didn’t taste like condensed milk, though that would have been an improvement) and that brownie – at least invest in some good bakery stuff if you’re not going to bake your own. Cheapass chocolate is what that’s made of.

Overall, it was an entirely unimpressive and calorifically wasteful experience. Bad ice cream makes me sad. Bad expensive ice cream makes me cross. And this bowl cost a ridiculous £5. Give me a tub of Haagen-Dazs any day for that amount of money.

*This post is not sponsored by Mars bar ice cream in anyway. I just really really really like them.

Price: the medium size cup would set you back £5 and it was totally not worth it. I suppose it’s cheaper than going to Dinner by Heston to have a meal in order to eat nitro ice cream… if they still offer that.



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