The Weekly Munch, 18-24 Jun 2016

Here’s our weekly diary of what the Bunch have been eating and drinking this week…

Vicky: Boozy bunch @ boozy brunch strikes again! This time we had all you can eat bbq and all you can drink prosecco at Big Easy, Canary Wharf. With 2 GIGANTIC bin lids filled with ribs, chicken and pulled pork as well as unlimited chips, beans, slaw and a corn bread each (this was the one thing they refused to refill and only kind charity from some members of the party prevented a bun fight) there was more than enough for everyone. It was B-okay, but nowhere near as good as Shotgun and I personally failed the team in meat eating (but made up for it in chips). Our waiter was a delight with the prosecco and we eventually retired to the bar area for more prosecco with a view. VFM? Definitely as long as you weren’t expecting earth shattering bbq. Watch out for Linzi’s view soon!

Yee Gan: Emma and I were doing a wedding cake tasting in Brighton and a little research for dinner options afterwards threw up 64 Degrees. Chef-owner Michael Bremner is bringing the small plates revolution to town, garlanding much praise in the process. We snagged some prime counter seats at this compact restaurant to watch the chefs produce some fine food for us. The standout dish was the scallops, lemongrass and deep fried cavolo nero. Full review to follow.

Grant: Rain, rain go away. Of course, I suppose it’s also making me look forward to going on vacation tomorrow. But due to the inclement weather around London, it seemed like it was perfect soup weather. I got on a bus and headed to my new favorite: Tang. Unfortunately, I should have checked the hours because like an idiot I showed up and it turns out it is closed on Monday. So I made a bee-line to Kanada-Ya. Also closed. Sadly, I found myself at Ippudo because now I was on a mission for soup. I tried the new Red Tan-Tan Men Ramen that is on limited offer because everyone knows I’m a spice fiend. It was quite spicy (I had a few tears by the time I finished) and pretty tasty (and even came with eating instructions!), but alas, the noodles themselves left a bit to be desired. However, it was a good substitute for my regular haunts, and I guess it’s always good trying new places…

Linzi: If you’ve read my recent post on Upper Street favourite Udderlicious, you’ll know I was hoping to try one of their ice cream cakes. Well my wish came true when Santa Claus, aka my amazing boyfriend, surprised me with a specially ordered cake. He trotted his cute little self along to their store and selected a peanut butter base with two ice cream cones on top, one salted caramel and one espresso and chocolate biscotti. If you want to order one, and I can highly recommend you do, they take 2-3 days to make. It is not ice cream cake in the traditional sense, more ice cream shaped into a cake, but I loved it and it was so good I am considering polishing off the rest before he gets home.

Jules: I just cannot stay away from Green Lanes in North London. This time around we went to Antepliler. This Turkish restaurant is slowly but surely taking over the street. They took over the shops next to them until they hit a street corner and now have opened a doner place on the corner across the street. This is not surprising as their food is good quality for a good price and the restaurant is always busy. My full review soon, but here’s my lovely plate of veggies.


Sanj: I flew to sunnier climes in Košice, Slovakia, for a friend’s wedding and got to try plenty of local cuisine. Slovak food is heavy on meat, cheeses and potatoes – so quite comforting stuff, such as classic local dish ‘halušky’ of gnocchi-esque dumplings stuffed with sheep’s cheese, or these ‘grandma rolls’ filled with pork meat. I also enjoyed trying the local beer (perhaps a bit too much…).


Linzi: Some times only cake will do, like when you’re having a really bad day or when Britain is stupid enough to vote out of the EU. Well I was having a really bad work day and the only thing for it was to have cake for lunch. I popped into the Shoreditch branch of Lantana, where the service is distracted at best, but the cakes are really quite good. Normally I would never order chocolate cake as I find them very dry, but the allure of this Guinness Chocolate cake was calling my name. It did not disappoint with creamy, decadent icing atop a very moist and delicious base. I demolished it in seconds and left much happier. This branch of Lantana used to be Salvation Jane, which I loved, but with cakes like this, it’s definitely got potential.

Reviews from the week…
Did you catch the Bunch testing out another unlimited brunch at Hotbox? It’s the first time we’ve ever been refused more food! Linzi spiced things up at rustic Peruvian spot Tierra, while Vicky was left disappointed by new ice cream joint Four Winters. And we’ve got all budgets covered after Yee Gan hit up bargain Turkish spot Tas while Grant put two Michelin starred Japanese spot Umu through its paces with top-notch results!

Still looking for inspiration?
Fear not, we’ve got a list of all our current favourites to the rescue! Or check out last week’s Munch here.

Have you tried any memorable food or drink in the last 7 days? Or maybe you’ve tried one of our favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Who knows, the Bunch might just check out your suggestions for a future review…

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