Brunch in stroller central – Brown & Green Cafe, Crystal Palace

I haven’t been to Crystal Palace for a while. Once in a Blue Moon I go and visit an old friend in that neighbourhood. And the last few times it seemed to be turning into an obstacle course: avoiding strollers and not bumping into pregnant ladies. They do not take kindly to that. So I’m not surprised that I had never heard of The Brown & Green Cafe, but my friend really loves their brunch menu and so we agreed to meet at Triangle branch in the heart of Crystal Palace. They originally started at the Gipsy Hill train station and from there it expanded to the Crystal Palace station. They’ve now gone even further and bigger by opening a corner cafe at The Triangle. That particular spot had some great restaurants in it so far, but they never seems to last. Fingers crossed that this one will be different.

I missed my coffee that particular morning and I misread my friends message which meant I turned up at the station cafe instead and had to walk back to the triangle, but it gave me an option to look at both of them. Here some images from the station cafe: small and cute.

The outside of the much bigger Triangle cafe is cheerful green and the inside has been kitted out with what I would call yard sale finds. We sat in a both made out of old doors, some garden fence and chipboard. As long as it’s not snagging on my cloth I’m fine with that.

The menu is simple, but well thought out. It catered toward the hipster-who-cares-about-rye-or-sourdough-bread and offers things like local pumpernickel rye toast topped with homemade houmous. Old fashioned breakfast fans don’t need to despair: They also have the classics like Bacon butties, but it comes in sourdough rolls instead.

My friend Don went all the way and had the B&G Veggie breakfast with Halloumi, free range fried egg, a rosemary mushroom, rocket, a herby grilled tomato, a jug of beans and granary toast. You would pay £1 for the sourdough bread. The whole thing “only” costs around £7 … when looking at my friends plate I couldn’t help but be disappointed. Most of it was bread. There was only one half tomato and one mushroom on there. Isn’t that just a little bit stingy with the veg? I myself got the scrambled eggs with pesto. I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of the pesto/egg combo. The bread was also not really my thing, but the eggs were nicely cooked. Maybe next time (if there is a next time-see the last sentences of this blog) I could have it with Feta, coriander & chilli. The brownie was the highlight, as it was a little bit gooey. Just like I love them.

To be honest, the cafe is very nice. The staff is great and the food is healthy and not expensive.

I am considering going back there and trying a few more things, but this cafe is clearly catering towards yummy mummies and their hipster partners. The restaurant was full of them and their strollers. Looking at the website of the business, I can see that they are especially trying to get mums involved, by planning buggy clubs in the different branches. I think I may just get a little bit too aggravated by young parents and their offspring to make this cafe one of my regular go-to places. Most of the kids are very nicely behaved, but it only takes one screaming kid…

BUT you can get many things as take-away from the front counter. The offers change on the a regular basis. Maybe I will do this the next time.

Brown & Green Cafe
The Triangle
99 Church Rd
Crystal Palace
SE19 2PR

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