Better ask for the Chinese menu – The (Floating) Lotus, Docklands

I don’t go out in Canary Wharf very often, but when I do … it’s mostly boring. Not this time. My friends John and Lucy invited me to dim sum brunch at the Floating Lotus at Oakland Quay. Even though it is an outstanding looking boat in the middle of all the concrete and glass towers, I never noticed  this restaurant before.  Good thing I have friends who know stuff.

It’s impressive on the outside, but very much standard Chinese restaurant on the inside. As John and Lucy were here before they know to ask for the Chinese menu straight away. Don’t worry, the menu is in Chinese AND english, so we can all read it, but it gives you more dim sum and other delicious food  options. The menu is extensive and offers many of the usual delights. Lucy was keen on the pea shoots. I never heard of that one and she was eager to share her Pea Shoots with Salted Egg & Century Egg. It looked amazingly … slimy when it came up, but was delicious. I especially liked the two sorts of egg.

We also ordered the following: pork dumpling in soup, stir fried U-Don Shanghai Style, Cheung Fun two ways, fried vegetarian spring rolls, Fried Prawn Croqu, congee soup and … I think I’ve forgotten something, but I’m not sure. I have to say I love the way Dim Sum gives you a chance to try all kind of things.

It all arrived at different times … as usual with dim sum. I abstained from the sea food dishes, but tried everything else. Not keen on the congee, as it was really bland and even John complained about it being just not quite right. The pork dumpling was not to my taste either and was left abandoned after one bite. I also had a dessert, which I now unable to find on the menu. We ordered it right at the start of the meal as it needed 20 min prep time. I think it was a rice cake with sesame sauce inside. It was still warm when I got to it and an absolute delight.


This place has it all when it comes to food: Whatever you like in the Chinese cuisine .. I’m sure you will be able to find it in this place. I loved the pea shoots, something I haven’t seen anywhere else and of course the Cheung Fun is always a favourite. The atmosphere is relaxed and not quite as hyper as in some other Chinese restaurants. I will definitely be back to enjoy the view over the water and the really nicely done food.

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Lotus Chinese Floating Restaurant
Inner Millwall Dock, 9 Oakland Quay, London, UK E14 9EA

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