Boozy Bunch Do Big Easy Barbecue Brunch

Oh come on, you know that title was begging to be made! Alliteration is sexy and the cornerstone of the English language… say some people, who are probably wrong. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know the Boozy Bunch blog was founded by a group of friends who love drinking, I mean, civilised brunches with unlimited alcohol.

For our latest Boozy Brunch, we decided to pay a visit to the Big Easy* in Canary Wharf. At the weekend they do 2 hours of unlimited prosecco and barbecue featuring North Carolina Chopped Pork, Pit-Smoked Bar.B.Q Chicken and St Louis Pork Ribs, ‘Slaw, Pit-Smoked Beans, Fries & Fresh Baked Cornbread.

We arrived late because Canary Wharf is hard to navigate and the restaurant is not that big easy to find! It is, however, in a lovely destination – the garden walkway of the Cross Rail. But you won’t notice that because you’ll be too busy cursing Canary Wharf and how ridiculous everything is to find. By the time we got there, the others had already started on the prosecco and we quickly demanded glasses to join. I’ll preface this review by saying the staff here could not be more delightful and accommodating. It’s 5 stars for service, particularly from our waiter, Lorne.

Are you ready for what the Big Easy is cooking? I don’t know if you are, it’s downright dirty.

2016-06-18 13.42.43-4

Bibs ‘n’ barbecue blogging beauties!

The food arrived swiftly in two big buckets of meat and seemingly endless plates of fries, baked beans and slaw.

Holy moly. You cannot argue with the value for money of this brunch deal.

2016-06-18 13.45.15

2016-06-18 13.46.20-1

The prosecco was flowing with Lorne and his fellow waiters dropping off a new bottle every 5 minutes. We really tried to go to town on the prosecco but apparently weren’t even nearly the worst table they had ever had. Nevertheless, the Boozy Bunch faces were filled with meaty smiles and bubbly enthusiasm.

2016-06-18 13.46.45


Some might say it wasn’t the best barbecue they had ever had but I was very happy with it. Good ribs and satisfactory pulled pork. The meat was a bit overcooked but I very much enjoyed it and so did the others judging by how little we left behind.  I would probably have liked more cornbread (former vegetarian alert) but sadly that was the only thing which wasn’t unlimited.

£29.50 is very good value for a boozy brunch and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This was a lot of food, and more if we wanted it, and they were not stingy with the booze. They even gave us a bottle to take away from the table and arranged us another place in the restaurant to sit. Admittedly you have to trek to Canary Wharf for this and I would love if it was offered in their Covent Garden branch.

If you are interested, I spotted this room tucked away in the back, it’s called The Captain’s Table and it is fancy as all get out. I am hoping the lovely folks at the Big Easy will let us book it for the ultimate boozy brunch with the whole crew. Can you imagine? If you’re nice to us, we might even invite you.

2016-06-18 15.33.54

You can find The Big Easy:
Park Level, Crossrail Place,
Canary Wharf, E14

*Side bar: Anyone remember that show, The Big Easy, set in New Orleans featuring an uptight lawyer and a womanising detective..? Damn, that was a sexy show in the 90s. Who wants to move to the south, eat barbecue and solve crimes with me?

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