Ozone: an unforgettable cold brew

I’m in love. Seriously IN LOVE. And I guess Grant will have to be my matron of honor when I get married because he introduced us. I’d never thought I would be in love with this creamy mocha coloured… drink. Yeah. Coffee. Because who needs Grant to introduce me to a guy when I can not talk to people at bars and just stare at my phone? Talking to people? What a silly concept.

Drunk Vicky and Drunk Grant… Because we are obsessed with gratuitous drunk selfies around here.

Anyways, let’s back peddle to last month when Grant and Linzi found out that I was a Monmouth fan. Grant was especially disappointed in me (say what? I only started drinking coffee last year so I thought I was doing quite well on the snobbish hipster coffee front) and suggested that I need to try some Ozone coffee (where he gets his beans from). Granted, I did like the Monmouth coffee, but I wanted something even smoother and even more chocolaty than what they offered to satisfy my needs. So, one day, he took me to Ozone before dinner and helped me choose some beans.

To be honest I wasn’t blown away by my first bag, the Illoma- it was tasty but a bit too acidic for me, and lacked the intense chocolate punch I was looking for. However, last week I got some Oreti Estate- it was tasty poured over my v60 but really shined when cold brewed (fine I am actually a crazy yet uneducated coffee snob)- mmm… it was like drinking cold chocolate milk with a hint of coffee! Sadly, my sister liked it so much she took the rest of it with her (that’s sibs love) and I was heartbroken to find that they’ve run out this week (queue the sad face emoji)!

Just in case you missed my Instagram … it was hard work.

Which lead to breakfast at Ozone, the starting point of my ‘seriously hipster day’. The coffee shop is a stone’s throw from Old Street Silicon roundabout and is hipster central. Lots of macbooks floating around man-buns and beards, and it has a long coffee list matching beans to drink as well as a myriad of cakes and breakfast goods. Because, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (till 11:30 anyways). My breakfast partner had a long johns black (which he said was fantastically tasty but we didn’t understand what it was, the server rolled her eyes dramatically at us when we asked) and I had the most sexual cold brew with some infused milk. The coffee had hints of grapefruit and brown sugar and the orangy infused milk (think melted hagen daz orange and cream sorbet) just lifted it to cosmic levels. WOW. I dreamt about drinking it afterwards (day and actual sleepy dreams).

I don’t think this cup really properly expressed the BEST COFFEE EVER!

For breakfast foods we split some fruity toast and a chocolate lamington. The fruit toast was tasty, especially with the perfectly balanced marmalade but I just feel that toast should be always served how the best 5* hotel room services do it- untoasted, with a toaster (once you’ve gone there, you can’t come back). The bottom of our serving was unevenly toasted and neither slices were warm enough to melt butter by the time it got to us. I guess that’s just the perils of ordering toast outside the comfort of home though. I liked our lamington (again with the fine raspberry jam, their jam rocks!) but I wasn’t sure about the chocolate/ cake ratio (it was a giant cake) and ‘gasp!’ the cake was a little dry (it definitely needed that beautifully rich vanilla cream). In the end, I spent most of the Lamington-eating-time wondering if I could make a better Lamington (not really the best use of the Lamington-eating-time).

After our spot of breakfast, we continued in the hipster vein by not talking to each other while he checked his macbook for work emails and I read for a little bit.  We spent the rest of the morning catching pokemons (hey it just released at the time of writing) and queueing at the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. Ozone was the perfect hipster breakfast (tasty but more instagrammable than tasty) and provided us with the bestest coffee ever for our bona fida hipster day.

I loved Yaoyi Kusama before she became hipsterfied.

Price: Just over £15 for 2 including some baked goods and a coffee each.

Ozone Coffee
11 Leonard Street


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