And another great Turkish meal – Anteplilar, Harringay

Food: ★★★☆  Service: ★★★  Ambiance: ★★★   Overall: ★★★★


As I said before in my review of Yasar Halim, I really like the Turkish culture in Green Lanes and go back again and again. So far Pam and I have not yet run out of new Turkish places to try. Admittedly we get closer and closer to the two Harringay stations, as we normally stick to one side of the road. We will go back up the other side next year.

So here we are again, this time we looked into Anteplilar. This restaurant has grown considerably over the last years and is now occupying three … or maybe four house numbers in the row. When they hit the street corner they made the decision to open up a doner bistro across the street. Nothing can hold this franchise back.

One of the reasons we choose them were their opened doors. They managed to fold away the floor length windows and open the space to the street. As it was one of the hotter days in London … a total of 25 Cº …. it was really nice to be able to get a bit of air. The restaurant is otherwise pretty standard: tiled floors, wooden tables, fancy ceiling with chandeliers. Like so many other turkish places they cannot resist some bling in their decor. I like they way Anteplilar has combined it with some very practical designs. The tables can easily moved around to form larger groups. This is necessary as many families come here for dinner with a horde of offsprings. Normally I’m not a fan of kids in restaurants, but here it fits and the place is busy and bustling and the kids are well behaved.

They have the usual menu with hot and cold meze, doner kebab , shish, pide and so on. We try to order something new every time to make we are not missing anything, but favourites are hard to resist.  Lately we also go more and more for turkish wine. We made a good choice this time around with the Villa Deluca, which I think was a Merlot.

We decided to share a vegetarian platter, which came with humus, tzatziki, deep fried courgette cakes, falafels as well as a couple of things we could not name. It all tasted great and I overstuffed myself with that … as usual . They also gave us bread. You can always expect bread and some kind of dip at these restaurants, but don’t fill yourself up too much, as the portions are huge. Pam had a vegetarian Pide with feta, spinach and olives and was very happy with it. I had a vegetarian shish kebab: charred courgettes, onions, peppers and aubergines, grilled on a stick, with rice and some cooked peppers. It was delicious, but I think the next time I will go for the lamb shish again. It’s just so flavoursome.

Throughout we were stuffing ourselves on the warm bread and the leftover tzatziki. I always enjoy our Turkish meals in Green Lanes and will report back on the next restaurant we try down this road. So far none of them was disappointing and Anteplilar fits in well. It’s a nice place, with great service and really well done food. It’s also great for big groups.

46 Green Lanes, Harringay, N4 1AG

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