Vancouver Edition: Japanese Parfaits at Bon Crepe

Now that I’m down to my last month in Vancouver, I’m trying to scope out all the eateries that I haven’t tried yet.  I’ve always walked past the Konbinaya Japan Center for the longest time and have never stepped a foot inside.  Located right on Robson Street, this store has a wide range of premade bento boxes, sushi, Japanese candies, groceries – and all the varieties of Glico / Pocky products you can imagine!  However, the window stall of Bon Crepe is where its at.  Bon Crepe is located inside Konbinaya, and makes a huge variety of treats: sweet and savoury crepes, sundaes, and basic soft serve amongst other things.  There’s always a lineup of people waiting to get their desserts,  its clear that the $7 parfaits are one of the most popular choices.  I always felt that it was a tourist trap, but a group of my girlfriends wanted to try it out since they’ve heard such good things about it so we gave it a go last week.  What the hell was I waiting for all these years?!

There are 2 varieties to choose from: vanilla soft serve with pudding (crème caramel custard) and berries, and the matcha soft serve with green tea sponge cake and red bean paste.  We decided to try both, but at a friend’s recommendation – replace the vanilla with matcha (so that we were able to pair it with the custard & berries).  Each cup is also loaded with goodies: ice cream, corn flakes, tapioca pearls, sponge cake, and topped off with whipped cream and a wafer bar.  Ohhh it was so good.  Who knew corn flakes would be such a good addition to soft serve?! The matcha soft serve was my favorite – it wasn’t too sweet and even though it tasted good with the red bean paste, I preferred having this with the crème caramel custard, so that was a good call on my friend’s part.

Both were so good, and I couldn’t believe I waited so long to try this!  I’ll definitely be back!

Bon Crepe
1238 Robson Street, Vancouver

Bon Crepe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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