Art and cake I. – Anderson & Co., Peckham 

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I’m a little bit like Grant when it comes to cake: I love eating it, but … somehow the English never get it quite right. Even so, once in a while I’m going for a “Kaffeekränzchen” as the Germans say. It means …literally the translation says a small coffee crown, but of course what it means is a coffee round with cake. And as I’m an art enthusiast, I combine it with something nice art to look at.

One of the places is my local Anderson & Co on Bellenden Road in Peckham. It’s a cutesy place with a covered back yard. But I normally stay in the front to watch people.

The counter at the front shows you what you can get. Mostly the standard red velvet cake as well as carrot cake, but sometimes they also have Guinness cake. And if you are not so much into sugar, how about salad?

On my visits so far, I’ve tried the Red Velvet cake and the Carrot cake. Both of them are fine. The base is not too dry and not overly sweet in both. I really like the icing and applaud the cake maker in their restrainment when applying it. The amount is just right and not too thick. It’s no fun to have cake that you can barely taste through the cream.

I have to say one thing: I’m a penny pincher and I was not happy  when I saw the size of my Carrot cake slice. £3 for this? Must have been the cost of the almonds that upped the price to those heights. Apart from the price, it was not really a favourite of mine. Turns out that Carrot cake doesn’t need almonds.

Here is the art bit: when you sit outside you can look at some of the great wall murals in the area.

The dog above the Victoria Inn pub is by Belgian artist ROA and is just on the corner of Choumert Road. The dog is inspired by some of the animals featured in paintings in the Dulwich Picture Gallery, namely works from Philips Wouwerman (Halt of the Hunting Party) and Adam Pynacker (Landscape with Sportsmen and Game). There is more in the area and you can find a great description of a walk to see them all here.

 Anderson & Co
139 Bellenden Road, SE15 4DH

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