MASH – An American Steakhouse with a Danish twist

MASH stands for Modern American Steak House – yet despite that it has Danish roots so I was thoroughly confused about what to expect. However, a 50% off all steaks (except Wagyu) summer special was too good to resist and I rallied a crew to head down for a bit of a meat feast. I also owed Avi a steak dinner after he thrashed me on the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge run by a solid two minutes so this was a win worth of Charlie Sheen.

The entrance to MASH is just up from Whole Foods and Piccadilly Circus but it’s highly deceptive as you are guided down a double length staircase to the restaurant itself. And it goes on forever and ever – this is a huge restaurant with a fairly sizeable bar area to match – no wonder they didn’t blink an eye when I called up to make a reservation for 9 people.

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★☆☆ Atmosphere: ★★★ Value: ★★★☆☆ Overall: ★★★

What to eat?

With a 50% off special, of course you are going to get a steak (unless you don’t eat beef – but don’t worry they do have a few alternatives on the menu). The steak section is split into regions with a few offerings from Uruguay, Denmark, and the USA making an appearance. If you look around, you’ll notice a few display cases segregating the bar from the restaurant proper which will showcase the different cuts of meat. And if you ask nicely, the waitstaff can usually walk you through the differences as well.

The main things to look out for are if its grain or grass fed as that will change the flavour (grain fed/finished tend to be a bit fattier with a slightly sweeter finish while grass-fed are leaner, gamier cuts). My personal preference is the Danish Long Bone which is a 600g beast of a grain-fed steak. I ordered it rare and it came out closer to what I consider medium-rare but which was perfect for the cut of meat. I’ll be the first to admit I’m hard to please when it comes to steak – largely of the opinion that I can cook a decent steak for a fraction of the price – but MASH did well here. The steak was perfectly seared with a crunchy flavourful crust which you broke through to get to the succulent tender meat. While the 600g looked a bit intimidating at the start, I powered through it with great joy right down to gnawing the bone at the end.

MASH serves up the usual range of veggie and starchy sides (for an extra cost of course – it’s fully a la carte so only expect exactly what you order) and I’d recommend the chilli chips and sautéed mushrooms if you think you need a bit more to fill you up. The starters looked interesting but a bit pricey for the size of the portions so I’d stick with a larger steak rather than making it a 3 course meal.

Dessert-wise, the 5 dollar shake (for a tenner) is fantastic once you get past the disappointment in it now being $5 but otherwise there wasn’t much to get me excited.

What about a drink?

The bar here is pretty spot on with a strong range of cocktails and an gorgeous bar dominating the centre of the area. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly so feel free to ask for suggestions if you don’t know what you really are in the mood for.

The wine list is likewise extensive but don’t worry – if like me you enjoy wine but get lost in the different grapes, styles, and brands, MASH has kindly included a list of sommelier recommendations and the Malbec on the list was easy to drink but punchy enough to pair well with the meat.

Worth the dosh?

Including the 50% off steaks (everything else is full price), the bill came to £50pp which is pretty decent given the quality and quantity of food, the luxurious setting, and the location. At full price it would have been closer to £75pp which is a bit rich given you are now in Hawksmoor territory and I rather enjoy the T-bone there most of all. But it’s a lot easier to get a table here and still very impressive so I’ll definitely be keeping it on the go-to list.

Find MASH here
77 Brewer St, London, W1F 9ZN
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