Art and cake II. – Au ciel, Dulwich Village 

Food:★★  Service:★★  Ambiance:★★    Overall:★★


So here’s the big reveal: I’m looking for work. So I had some time off and decided to go to the Dulwich Picture Gallery. I also wanted to check them out as they just posted a great role. I have to admit that this Gallery is not one I visit very often, as one has to pay entrance. But they have some great special exhibitions and their standing collection is very pretty: Mostly 18th and a bit 19th century paintings with a few pieces of furniture on display as well.

I decide against the attached cafeteria for my afternoon slice, as I thought I could find something cute and possibly cheaper outside the gallery grounds. Twenty minutes later I had to admit that I grossly misjudged the situation. Dulwich Village is pretty expensive. Not wanting to admit defeat I walked on and was tempted by a café called Au Ciel. It said “chocolatier” on the outside. I don’t know why, but at that moment I thought that meant good cake as well. It shows again that I have no clue…

The offerings for cake were minimal. Chocolate caramel or carrot cake. Why is everybody having carrot cake lately? Is this another hype I missed? I had enough of wandering through  Dulwich and decided that chocolate caramel will do.
It was very sweet. Tooth achingly sweet. Cream and icing made 70% of the cake. The chocolate sponge hadn’t had a chance to win this taste competition. For once I was ok with the slice size, as I would have ended up in a sugar induced coma otherwise. The coffee on the other hand was splendid.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery. I know it’s a bit of a track but wait for a special exhibition of your liking and it’s worth the trip.

I would not really recommend this particular café, as the atmosphere was lacking and the cake wasn’t great either, but then there are plenty others restaurants in the area to choose from.

Au Ciel 
1A Calton Ave, London SE21 7DE

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