Vancouver Edition: Wo Fung Desserts

I’m always excited whenever Andrew flies into Vancouver – because the drive back from the airport is a great excuse to get some of the best damn chicken wings I’ve ever had!  I first heard about these magical wings from a German girl while I was still living in London.  She frequently flies into Vancouver, and always makes a stop for these wings, but all she could tell me was 1) that it wasn’t a chicken shop, and 2) it’s in a mall.  I must have been living under a rock for 30 years.  So when I was back in YVR, I literally scoped out all the food courts.  Sure enough, when I was in Aberdeen Mall – EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, was wandering around with a pile of wings.  I followed the trail, and lo and behold: Wo Fung Desserts.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  I don’t even know why its called a dessert bar since they serve wings, noodles, Taiwanese appetizers and drinks, and ironically – no dessert.   But if this is what it is, then I’ll have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Wo Fung offers 2 types of wings: the full wing (drum, wing and tip), or just the wingette.  I’ve only ever gone for the full wing, because I think it comes out juicier than the smaller wings (I could be wrong).  The 3 piece order is $5.50, which isn’t bad for a sizable snack.  The batter is seasoned with 5 spice and sand ginger powder amongst other things, very simple but incredibly tasty!  The meat is well seasoned, and SO moist and juicy!  On first bite, the bones will easily slide right out – that’s how juicy they are.  I’ve never been disappointed, because its always been consistently delicious.  Be careful of these atomic wings though, they’re made to order so wait for them to cool down a bit, unless you want a scorching blister on the roof of your mouth.

So.  Who needs a ride from the airport?



Wo Fung Desserts
4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC
Cash only

Wo Fung Noodle Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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