The Branston BBQ at the London BBQ School

The Boozy Bunch was invited to a Branston Pickle BBQ by  Micaela from in co-operation with The London BBQ School in Peckham. As I live in the area I could not resist the temptation to check this out.

The London BBQ School has been established a few years back and sadly had to move out of their old joint. They found a temporary place at the railroad arches in Peckham. It’s not the most visible location, but I was told people have taken photographs of the grills from the trains.

Katie and I were a little late, as she came in from out-of-town. We arrived in the middle of the Health&Safety lecture about the grills, which gave me enough time to eye up these beauties. I found out later that they are called Kamado Joe and made of ceramic. I just assumed that they are super expensive…and they are.

But look at them … first thought:  it’s a super strawberry. My second thought was more along the lines of: can I nick a beer while everyone is pretending to listen to the H&S instructions?

In the end I waited my turn for the beer. In the meantime, Edward (a representative from Branston pickle) gave a short introduction. I have to be honest I expected a little bit more on the history of the brand and why they held this event here and now, but basically he just wanted us to enjoy the food and try the  five different products he brought in. Well, I’m sure we were all willing to do just that.

After that came food blogger Denise Tollyfield to explained the concept of the evening. They were handing out recipes and we were meant to marinate/cook/grill the meat as well as prepare the side dishes and then put some Branston on it. Sounds simple enough and Denise was on hand to help with our questions and she did it with cheer and enthusiasm.

The whole thing was well intended, but a bit chaotic. They had all the ingredients on a table, but not enough space for everyone to prepare the stuff. There were not enough mixing bowls as they were used to hold the already cut up stuff like carrots, onions and cabbage. Don’t get me wrong I was glad that I did not have to do the cutting for all the salads, but a bit more thought should have gone into the logistics of the whole thing. In the end I didn’t mind at all as it was a good base to start talking to the other food bloggers like Christine and Becky.

Also some of the recipe needed slight amendment as you cannot marinate something or prepare a pork brisket in half an hour. I intended to do the Brisket Recipe with Coleslaw, but was handed some steak which was covered with the beer glaze during the grilling. I secured some steak  for Katie and some other bloggers.

The guy in our group was happy to go and play with the strawberry grills, while I tried to prepare coleslaw. Katie on the other side of the table joined a group of bloggers preparing the Tex-Mex chicken and was given the task to make the salad.

It was fun indeed.  I’m always up for improvising, so why not wrap the steak in a tortilla with some coleslaw and then add the Branston Tomato and Red Pepper Relish.The steak tortilla was delicious and I think the relish gave it just the right little kick. And while we are at it … why not have some chicken with BBQ sauce. As you can see I’ve piled all the good stuff on my plate.

And as i wasn’t part of much of the grilling action here are some professional photos from Kaye of, who took pictures of the whole event.

And then came the time to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. The BBQ School had one arch fitted out with vintage furniture, as you always need to be prepared for a rainy turn in London. Katie and I chatted to some of the other bloggers, tried all the different sorts of meat plus all the available Branston product.


All in all the event was good fun, even if it was a bit unorganised. We had a chance to try everything from playing with the amazing grills to tasting all the great Branston products. But I especially liked Denise fun attitude to all the chaos going on around us.


People involved in making this event:

Micaela from Stylish London Living:

Edward from Branston Pickle

The London BBQ School:

Denise Tollyfield:

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