The 3 Bs of success: Booze, Brunch and Buffet

What’s better than All You Can Drink? All You Can Drink AND Eat. The Boozy Bunchers have become pretty spoiled with some great brunch options in London and are now keen for more than just a couple of hours of unlimited boozing, now we want unlimited food as well. So for Vicky’s birthday, we decided on Kurobuta in Marble Arch which does a ‘party brunch’  with an Australian/Japanese twist. For £35 you can have unlimited access to their buffet featuring steak, sushi, build your own ramen and unlimited beer or wine or brunch punch and a welcome cachaça cocktail.  The welcome cocktail is best avoided, very sugary. For an additional £10, you can get prosecco instead of wine, which 4 of us opted for.

We really did not plan this well and ended up sitting at a booth, which meant we all had to wait for people to finish people getting up for our next round of buffet attacks. Like the savages that we are, we went in hard for the first round piling our plates high.

My personal plate of delight, sashimi ‘pizza’ on real, proper tortilla chips, steak and cauliflower.

Tom is a real buffet pro and opted for an entire sushi plate. A great idea so you don’t get buffet fatigue.


The ever-healthy Vicky tried out the quinoa salad and made a very sad panda face. Pro tip: ignore the salad at a buffet and fill up on the good stuff, proteins.


Andrew helpfully took photos of all the buffet options as I was too busy swigging prosecco to do much photographing.

Sashimi. A little bland for me.

Sushi rolls. Pretty standard, nothing to call home about.

Seared tofu. Far too healthy.

Quinoa salad with tenderstem broccoli and butternut squash. A nod to your vegetarian friends, they can come along too.

The salmon sashimi pizza. Wow. I had almost a dozen of these, I dream about them at night. I would recommend trying out this buffet JUST for these.

Chargrilled cauliflower and steak. Omg, the steak.


Karage fried chicken and an egg cooked perfectly on top of fried rice. This was a favourite of the table and apparently very authentic.


The general consensus on our Kurobuta brunch was that it was good but probably not worth the money. After two or three plates, I was getting buffet fatigue from the same series of dishes. There was just nothing particularly thrilling and for a total of £45 not really that good value for money. I will say they were very generous with topping our glasses up and we were all completely toasted leaving. They also have great taste in music, I loved their rock and roll vibe and they even had live music in the form of a guitarist.

We did also get a lovely dessert plate to share on the table. Though maybe it needed a touch more chocolate!


You can find Kurobuta at:
17-20 Kendal Street
London, W2 2AW

Kurobuta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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